If you are having a hard time moving right now, know that you are not alone. Many of us have lost our motivation. From a fitness perspective, the longest-lived people on the planet all have one fitness secret: Move all day long. Here are some quick and easy ways to get your body moving!

1. Start the first thing with a quick round of simple exercises for mobility and stretching. For ideas, check out our exercise library called One Minute to Wellness – which features exercises to do to start your day!

2. Spread movement throughout the day, not just a one-hour workout. Park furthest from the door to your office or the store. Choose to walk to lunch instead of drive. Take the stairs when possible. Skip Happy Hour and go for a hike with a friend.

3. Partake in short exercise intervals as part of your daily habits. Do 10 calf raises when you brush your teeth. Stand up when you talk on the phone. Do lunges and squats as you wait while cooking.

4. Get a dog! Mindy and I just adopted a wonderful puppy. I don’t need to schedule workouts into my day because Mylo makes sure we get plenty of fun exercise playing catch and running on the beach.

5. Just as you started your day with movement, end with it as well. Choose a few restorative and relaxing stretches to go through every night as part of your bedtime rituals. Need some ideas? We have you covered with our One Minute to Wellness in PJs series.

Do you have a tip and trick to move more? Share with us here in the comments.

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