Welcome to the 10 Days of Moving Towards Mindfulness Bundle

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Do you scurry from task to task, feeling like you aren’t really accomplishing anything? Do you come home from work feeling tired, lacking energy and ready to collapse in front of the TV?

That’s how many of us have come to know life. But it doesn’t have to be that way. We need to find a way to work smarter, not harder. The way to elicit real change is to start from the inside out. We have to change the way we THINK before we can change what we do. It’s time to take control of our minds.

So where should we start? Our first step is to begin being mindful of our thoughts and reactions. And the best news is we are here to help.

In the 10 Days of Moving Towards Mindfulness program, you will experience a daily mindfulness tip (mind) and a daily meditation exercise (spirit)

During these 10 days, you will work towards a renewed mind and spirit with a fresh and awakened energy that allows you to have more focus throughout your day.

Are you ready to take a fresh new lease on life?

Day 1

Before we begin, we should define "mindfulness." The Dictionary describes mindfulness in a couple of ways, with the first being, "The state or quality of being mindful or aware of something" and "a technique in which one focuses one's full attention only on the present, experiencing thoughts, feelings, and sensations but not judging them."

No matter where you are on your wellness continuum, we can all agree that we should be more present and mindful in our lives. So how do we start (or increase) that habit?

First, we need to recognize that it's not the situation that matters; it's how you perceive and react to the situation that matters most.

We rob ourselves of so many miraculous moments. A moment can create a memory; a memory lives within us forever. Multi-tasking distracts us from making memories and living in the moment. Not only does it distract, but we cannot fully experience our life if our attention is split in multiple directions.

We challenge you today to notice when you are multi-tasking. Do you watch tv and eat? Are you at your child's soccer game but finishing your work emails? Are you constantly tethered to a screen, even while driving? Do you have a dozen web browsers open at once or do you complete computer work while on conference calls?

When you notice that it is happening, take a moment to acknowledge your surroundings, appreciate your attempt, and decide on what task would make the best memory for that moment. Bring your full and undivided attention to one task.

In other words, when you find yourself checking emails at your child's soccer game, ask yourself which one is more important at that specific time in your life.

If you are working on multiple projects at once, ask yourself if there would be a better method to the madness, such as working on a project for an hour and then moving to another project for an hour.

Again, when you find yourself in these situations, acknowledge what you are doing and decide which task is the most important for that time.

Day 1 Meditation

There is no right or wrong way to meditate. Meditate means "to engage in reflection." There are no time limits, body positions, or specific locations. There is simply you.

The words "I Am" are powerful. Tonight, we want you to harness that power. What do you want to become? Do you want to be serene, accomplished, loved, or happy? Choose one. Then tonight, as you lay in bed, repeat to yourself "I Am ___" as you exhale. Do this for 10 repetitions.

Day 2

Yesterday, you began choosing 1 task to accomplish at a time, instead of being overly distracted with various actions occurring at once. Today, we ask that you focus whole-heartedly on that one task.

For example, choose to eat without a screen on. What are you eating? What does it taste like? Smell like? Can you describe the texture? Be fully aware of what you are eating.

When you are focusing on one task at work, talk yourself through the process that you need to follow. First, I should do... Then, I should... and so on. Then, stick to that plan you laid out for yourself.

During your work commute, turn off your radio. Hear the sound of the tires on the road and the hum of the air coming throw the vents. Feel the pressure of your foot on the pedals and the leather of the steering wheel in your hands. Take in the sounds of traffic around you. Be aware that you are driving.

Do not simply "do" the task, but concentrate on the task. What are you really experiencing?

Day 2 Meditation

We are desensitized by our routines; we eat the same breakfast, take the same route to work, work in the same location, etc. Our brains begin to recognize, thus ignore our daily sensations, causing abnormal occurrence to weigh heavy with stress. Stimulate your brain by changing your normals.

Tonight, write down your daily "normals," the things that you do exactly the same every day. Think about every detail from the moment you wake to the moment you sleep. Now, pick 1 item you can change tomorrow. Do this reflection again next week (put it in your phone calendar) to fire up your brain to become sharper, faster, more creative, and more alive.

Day 3

You do not need to fill up all your time with "doing." Often, we multitask because we believe we are being productive (we are not), and we split our focus because of an urge to constantly be entertained externally.

Today, take some time to simply be. Just for a few moments, sit, breathe, and be. Close your eyes and let your mind wander. You do not have to do this for a long period of time and yes, you can do this multiple times per day. In fact, we would love for you to try to "be" four times today.

While the dinner cooks, sit in a chair, close your eyes, and just be, instead of checking Instagram.

When you finish sending a lengthy email at work, check your posture, soften your gaze, and take a moment for yourself.

You do not have to constantly be doing something. We are human BEings, not human DOers

Day 3 Meditation

Remember that meditation means "to engage in reflection." There are a number of different methods to use that can aid in this reflection. No matter what style of meditation you are practicing, you need a regular time and place each day to experience this reflection. Decide on this time and place now.

This "meditation" space is not where you need to be to practice "being." You can practice the mindfulness of "being" anywhere and anytime. But to dive further into meditation or deeper reflection, you should establish a habit that triggers the brain to release, relax and open.

Day 4

Your body is amazing. It is fueled by so many different actions, most of which we are unconscious of the occurring. For example, your breathing.

When is the last time you took a moment to appreciate your inhale or notice your exhales? These things keep you alive, yet we rarely think of them.

Today, you should change that fact. Today, take a few moments four different times to focus on 4 breaths. As you experienced yesterday, taking time to just "be" can be powerful (or maybe awkward at first); now, as you are sitting to "be," count 4 breaths and turn your focus on that action. What does your inhale feel like? Where is the air going? Are your inhales and exhales even?

Day 4 Meditation

Set a timer for 3 minutes. Then, while sitting in your decided reflection space at the decided time, close your eyes. As you inhale, count to 7. As you exhale, count to 7. Repeat this until your alarm goes off.

If you find your mind wandering, acknowledge the thought, but return to counting.

Day 5

You may have picked up on the fact that mindfulness and meditation go hand-in-hand. These states are kindred spirits, and one greatly benefits from the other. There is no right or wrong way to meditate; meditation is not about sitting still for 20 minutes or chanting. Meditation is about being mindful of yourself.

As you continue on your journey, be kind to yourself. It may be hard to start this journey right now; your focus may drift. Do not be upset or frustrated. Remember, it isn't the situation itself, but how you react to it. Reset, refocus, and remember that you are taking a few moments to appreciate and be mindful of yourself.

Today, take 4 moments in your life to just "be" and focus on your breath.

Day 5 Meditation

Tonight, in your dedicated place and time, close your eyes. As you inhale, let the color red take over your thoughts. As you exhale, think of orange. With the next inhale, think of yellow. With your exhale, let green cover mind. Follow through the rainbow (ROY G BIV) and then back up again (VIB G YOR). After the last red, let everything fade to black and return to the count of 7 breath of last night.

If you can't remember the order, just go through different colors...

Day 6

As we mentioned before, your body is extraordinary. It functions without your consciousness being aware. Today, we want you to begin to pay more attention.

While you are walking, pay attention to your feet and how they feel as you step and roll through them. Focus on your arms, gently swinging at your side. Feel your neck lengthen as you lift the crowd of the head to the sky.

While you are sitting, focus on your spine, where it may be rounding or arching, and how the seat feels against your back.

While exercising, pay attention to each movement with the same focus that you have been practicing with eating. What does each repetition feel like? How is your body connected to the equipment or the floor? How does the sweat feel on your skin?

Allow your concentration to be exercised on your physical being at least four times today.

Day 6 Meditation

For tonight, you need to be laying down in a comfortable position with your palms turned up. This meditation is about bringing your mind closer to your body.

When you inhale, squeeze the muscles of your feet as tightly as possible and release them with your exhale.
Move to your calves.
Thighs & glutes.

Then, work your way back down the body again. Focus on how everything feels as you release.

Day 7

Over the past few days, we have asked you be more aware of your actions. We asked you to focus on one task, take 4 moments per day to "be" with your breath, and 4 moments to turn your concentration to your physical being. We are on the path of becoming more mindful.

However, new habits are hard to start, and these are no different. While we are not asking for 5-, 10-, or 15-minutes of your day, we understand that taking these moments to focus the tasks at hand (such as yourself) can be difficult. You must prioritize these efforts.

As counter-productive as it may sound, set an alarm on your phone to alert you to take a "be" break in the afternoon if that is usually when you forget.

Try an app, such as 3 Minute Mindfulness, which allows you to schedule breathing break reminders throughout your day.

Wake up 2-minutes earlier to have a few moments to yourself.

You must put effort into changing your habits. You must try. Remember how energy works: the more time and effort you place into something the more pull it will have on you.

Day 7 Meditation

Set your timer for 4 minutes. While sitting in your reflection space and time, close your eyes and envision a candle. Watch the flame. As you breathe, focus only on the flame. As your thoughts wander, let them, then return to the flame. Watch it flicker, grow, and shrink.

If possible, try this with a real candle.

Day 8

If we are to continue our journey towards mindfulness, we must be grateful for all that our lives hold, past, present, and future.

Today, we ask that you begin to share your gratefulness with yourself. Start a grateful journal where you write down three things you are grateful for each morning - one from the past, one from the present, and one from the future.

Does this have to be written? Well, not in a physical journal. Write these things down on a post-it, text them to your loved one, keep a list on your phone, or email it to yourself for future keeping. But sometime before noon each day, take a moment to reflect. By practicing gratitude, you are made aware of what is making you happy and/or what you are grateful for in that moment, which supports the idea of being present.

Day 8 Meditation

Set your timer for 4 minutes. Whether you choose to sit or lay down, place your dominant hand on top of your heart. Place your less dominate hand atop the other. Feel your heartbeat into the palms of your hand. Focus completely on your heartbeat.

If your thoughts wander, let them. Return your focus back to your heart.

Day 9

So far on our journey, being mindful has involved interactions with yourself, but what about others. No man is an island, and we all interact with other humans multiple times during the day, whether it is by phone, text, social media, or in person.

When you are with a person, be fully aware of what the person is communicating. Listen intently. Instead of multitasking with your phone while at dinner, be 100% focused on your dinner date. If your co-worker is sharing a story, stop checking your email and focus on her. Read an email twice before responding to ensure you were listening intently the first time.

While the other person is speaking, try to listen to everything they need to say, before interjecting. Refrain from jumping to conclusions. Your conversation and interaction should be handled as a single-task with no interruptions splitting your focus.

Day 9 Meditation

Set your timer for 2 minutes. In your designated space and time, sit in a comfortable position (cross-legged or in a chair, etc). As you inhale, lift your spine as if you are trying to grow an inch. As you exhale, allow your spine to curve and release your entire back as you slouch, placing your chin on your chest. Inhale and grow, starting at the base of your spine and letting the head be the last lift.

Day 10

Being mindful takes a lot of practice. With practice, you can learn to turn everyday tasks into mindful moments and learn to nourish your body, mind, and spirit by being present in your life. But it does take practice and forgiveness. If you fall away from your habits, forgive yourself and reset. Mindfulness is a journey, not a destination. As long as you are moving forward, you are practicing correctly.

Day 10 Meditation

It is your final day in our program. We have one final meditation for you to try.

Lay down in your space and time, place your dominant hand on your belly button and your less dominant on top. As you breathe, fill your palms with air by expanding your belly with your inhale. Allow your hands to press into your belly as you exhale. Continue as long as you can.