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What if a cancer diagnosis isn’t an ending? What if it opens the door to a new chapter that feels even better than the ones before it?

So it goes for Bruce and Mindy Mylrea, who are turning Bruce’s cancer battle into an epic road trip with a singular mission: Educate as many people as possible about the power of plant-based living in preventing disease, treating disease, and improving the overall quality of life. In February 2017, the founders of One Day to Wellness traded their beachfront Santa Cruz, Ca. home for a Winnebago RV wrapped in a mural of their trademark fruits and veggies. They travel the nation in this Wellness Wagon, operating as a nonprofit organization that brings evidence-based, whole-food, plant-based nutritional education to the masses, free of industry bias or influence.

"Life is about moments that teach us and make us more than where we are right now,” Mindy said. "We are who we are because of all that we wade through, and Bruce and I are doing this because we are so passionate about helping others take control of their health so that they don’t have to face a cancer diagnosis like we did. Bruce is the best proof that how we eat and live affects how we feel - and how our bodies deal with disease. How could we NOT share this with as many people as possible?"

Bruce and Mindy will provide lectures, seminars, and workshops at fitness conferences and in gyms, fitness boutiques, schools, offices - wherever they can get a platform for the message that has become their shared passion.  Bruce and Mindy travel from one corner of the country to another and back again.

Bruce and Mindy are on track to reach a record number of people with their powerful nutrition education, which was born out of Bruce’s desire to educate himself following a diagnosis of prostate cancer in 2011. He became a plant-based eater soon after learning he had prostate cancer. So did Mindy. Today, in spite of tests showing he still has prostate cancer, Bruce feels and looks healthier than ever, something he credits to his nutrition and wellness-focused lifestyle. They developed the One Day to Wellness certification in 2015 and hosted over 40 workshops in 2016, as more and more people expressed a desire to immerse themselves in nutritional education.

“When we started One Day to Wellness in 2016, we knew we had something special,” said Bruce. “But we had no idea that this desire to share what we had learned about the power of nutrition - would change the trajectory of our lives and give us the chance to change so many other lives. We also had no idea so many people would be asking for this information. But as we saw the demand, we knew the best way to meet it was to go to the people."

Supporters can fuel the Wellness Wagon by donating to the “Fuel Fund”. Click here to schedule a visit from the Wellness Wagon.

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