Last Night in the Wellness Wagon!

This is one of the last nights in the RV before moving into the new house. Mindy is scrubbing the oven, and I am sweeping the floor. We made a fantastic dinner again tonight: brown rice, black beans, avocado, and homemade or RV-made corn tortillas. A little leftover bread from Companion Bakeshop in Santa Cruz came back with us last week from California.

Here is the thing: I know many people who HATE to cook and clean up the kitchen. Many people see food preparation and cleaning up as unwanted chores. Now with a more relaxed work schedule and time available, the kitchen is my happy place. For the last four years, it has been an RV kitchen. Preparing and cooking dinner has taken on a meditative flow for me. I love to shop for fresh veggies, I love to prep and cook, and I really don’t mind cleaning up afterward and getting the kitchen ready for the next meal and making it shine like a shrine, which it is. 

I honestly feel for people who have never had the opportunity to make the kitchen their happy place. It feels so right to me to enjoy the simple chores of daily life like cooking and cleaning and the family and friend interaction that comes with it. Before I transitioned to eating a plant-based diet eleven years ago, I enjoyed cooking, but it did not hold the health significance it does for me today. My kitchen is also my primary medicine cabinet. Each meal has a focus on health, then flavor, then satiation. Mindy and I have gotten good at this, and we can help you do the same. We provide turn-key evidence-based shopping and cooking instruction in a fun and safe environment: Our new teaching kitchen in our new home in Emerald Isle, North Carolina. We will begin our new plant-based cooking classes here in January of 2022. Keep an eye on our schedule and reach out to us if you would like more information.

An interesting stat from a John Hopkins research study revealed that people who primarily cook and eat in their kitchen eat fewer calories and weigh less than those who eat out for most of their meals. They also spend a lot less on food than eater outers. 


We move into the new house with the fantastic kitchen tomorrow. Stay tuned for a few new videos! 

I am 7 months into my Orgovyx hormone therapy protocol. My PSA is down from 10.5 at the start of this treatment to 0.52. I will stay on Orgovyx for another two months and then go off and monitor my PSA. I’ll have one more blood test then and post the results, which I hope are even lower. Over the seven months, my hot flashes have increased slightly, but they are still not as bad as Lupron. I am still able to achieve an erection and have sex! Other advertised side effects of fatigue and weight gain are non-existent. I cook all my meals at home!

Stay healthy!

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