Rice Cooker Beans

By October 11, 2022Bruce

September is “prostate cancer awareness month”. Unfortunately, I do not need a time stamp to
think about prostate cancer. It’s on my mind every single day. The whole “awareness” thing is
really a big push by the pharmaceutical and medical diagnostic industries to market products
and encourage screening to see if you have it. You won’t see a big push to change your diet or
lifestyle (which can have a massive effect on your chances of being diagnosed or in my case,
long-term survival) with the organizations that created the branded month. If you would like an
unbiased deeper dive into the subject, I highly recommend my book, “The Plant Powered
Approach To Prostate Cancer,” where I share my own personal experience along with interviews
with the greatest scientific minds about how to avoid and treat the disease. I also created this
video with PatientPoint that outlines exactly what I do to not only survive prostate cancer but

On a separate but related note, it turns out the longest-lived societies on the planet also have
much lower prostate cancer than the industrialized western world. And if you study many of
these people and their lifestyles like Dan Buetner has done with the “blue zones of the word”,
they all have many nutritional behaviors in common. Eating beans every day is one of them.
Whether it’s the soy consumed by the Japanese, white beans in Italy or black beans in Costa
Rica, bean consumption is one of the strongest common nutritional threads of people who live
longer, healthier lives.

Mindy and I eat beans or minimally processed soy in the form of tempeh or tofu every single
day. Preparing simple, delicious bean dishes has never been easier, and I have included the
attached video recipe to demonstrate just how simple it is.

If you are trying to improve your diet and your health, incorporating beans and legumes in your diet is a great addition.

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