An hour can change your life.

No time to workout? Well then WORK IN! Learn short simple ways to add movement into your day so that you stay fit and energized without even leaving your desk.

Take your buns and legs on an exercise adventure.  Mindy will introduce you to the best lower body exercises on the planet.

This workout is packed with amazing ab and back routines that use every twist and turn in the book. Mindy will show you how one rep done right is better than 10 done wrong.


Come along with Mindy for this integrated approach to fitness and explore mini workouts that incorporate a total body challenge by addressing strength, cardio, and HIIT.


Learn the scientifically proven foods that should be consumed on a daily bases for optimal, sustainable health and wellness. We know plant-based foods are almost always the healthiest choice, but exactly which ones and how much of them should we be incorporating into our daily diet. This evidence-based lecture provides you with all the specifics as well as a simple tool to help your clients optimize their dietary choices that are easy to implement.


Eating healthy, reducing stress, and maintaining a balance between work and play have been proven to prevent or reduce the risk of chronic disease leading to a healthier, happier life. However, making the transition to this type of lifestyle can be an overwhelming obstacle. Armed with the latest research in behavioral change and nutrition, Bruce has jam-packed this lecture with simple behavioral change strategies and nutritional tips to help you overcome negative dietary habits and transition to a healthier lifestyle.


The low carb high protein diet is all the rage and many of your clients are asking your opinion. Let’s not follow opinion - let’s look at the science and the facts. You will walk away with a clear understanding of where to steer your clients and yourselves for weight loss and health gains


Intermittent fasting is all the rage currently but before you jump onto this latest trend learn the science, the history, the benefits and how to do it right. Bruce will uncover the key components to this amazing healing practice and how to use it safely and effectively for you and your clients