We have lived in the Wellness Wagon now for almost a year. I have to say it has been one of the best years of my life. I love learning about our country and who lives here. I love the freedom of dictating our own schedule and timetable. I love that Bruce and I always have exactly the food we want to prepare and eat. In fact, our latest purchase has been a flour mill and bread mixer so that we even have exactly the bread we want to eat.

Downsides of living in an RV are few. Early on people warned me of:

  1. Communal laundries: I actually find this a time saver and a relaxing activity
  2. RV parks less than optimal: Although this is true when we are in a pinch, we have also found Recreation.gov. This site provides a list of state-run parks created by the Army Corp of engineers. In the 60’s and 70’s, they built dams on bodies of water and in doing so, they also had the forethought to set up RV camping right along the most beautiful lakes in the country. The cost is next to nothing and the occupancy rate has many times been just us  – on an entire lake.
  3. No internet or cable: All I can say to this is Yahoo. No, not the search engine – the actual emotion. Not watching the news every night has been a gift. Bruce and I are in awe that we never run out of things to talk about or jokes to rehash. Eliminating the noise and outside clutter has lightened the load and has cleaned the cobwebs of unnecessary incoming intrusions. Tuning out actually has allowed us to tune in what is most important.
  4. Washing dishes by hand: Bruce and I do A LOT of dishes as we cook all our meals in the RV. Because we only cook and eat foods from the plant kingdom we are not bringing crazy pathogens into our preparing and cooking surfaces so the hygiene of our kitchen is already leaps and bounds above the tradition SAD kitchen. We don’t need cleaning fluid actually at all and again the cleaning process has been quite therapeutic and who needs a dishwasher anyway when you have Bruce. (Bruce is a cleaning machine – boy am I the lucky one)
  5. Missing our kids: Well our kids aren’t’ kids anymore. They have lived a distance away from us for many years now. And now that we are on the road we actually talk to our three sons more than we ever have. This is probably due to the fact that our kids think we have moved to the moon and they need to check in with us on a daily basis to make sure we are still alive and well. So do we miss them? Always. But do we stay more connected now? For sure

So the Downsides are few. My next blog will highlight many of the upsides we have discovered but I want to share the biggest with you now that Bruce actually pointed out to me. Many people ask us “Don’t you miss HOME?” I asked this question to Bruce the other day and his response to me was simply  – HOME is YOU. Wherever I am is home to Bruce. Never a truer statement was spoken. Home is Bruce for me. So wherever he is I am home.

That’s it – pretty simple. Home is not the place you land or the stuff that surrounds you. Home is the place that lives in your heart. And I am fulfilled beyond measure because my home is Bruce.



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