Elevate not only your health & coaching skills, but also the wellness of your clients with our Homestudy program.


From the World Health Organization to Kaiser Permanente, global experts agree the balance of scientific evidence suggests the healthiest way to eat is a diet of whole-food plant-based foods discouraging meat, dairy products, eggs, and all refined processed foods.

Leveraging the lessons of the healthiest and longest-lived people on the planet, we have incorporated plant-based nutrition, mindfulness, movement, along with simple behavioral change strategies into a dynamic and life-changing nine-hour certification. This program offers everything you need to advance your evidence-based wellness career. We provide you with the tools you need to assist yourself and others to "Lean to the Green." Whether your goal is weight loss, longevity, enhanced athletic performance, or all of the above, this is the program for you.

One Day to Wellness not only provides this life-changing day but also all the back end support you need to thrive in your own life as well as help others live their best life.

This program is for everyone as our unique strategies for success align with coaching yourself, clients, family, and friends.


Ready to learn more?

During this comprehensive wellness training, you will learn:

  1. How to define wellness

  2. Why mindfulness is needed for behavior change

  3. Steps to long-lasting behavior change

  4. Why & how to implement Whole Food, Plant-Based Nutrition

  5. How to creating the Work IN

  6. The secrets of meditation

  7. How to Spread the Seeds of Change

  8. Assessment and Application of your toolbox

You will come away from this online training with Bruce and Mindy a more motivated wellness warrior, armed with everything you need to transition to eating and living the way your body thrives.


Want to know why we created this program?

A Message from Bruce and Mindy Mylrea

We have been working in the fitness industry for over 35 years and seen so much growth from programming, to products, to protocol. The landscape is now full of every fitness format and equipment option. It is a wonderful time to be in the fitness business. But in the same linear progression and upturn of the fitness industry, the rate of obesity and chronic illness shares that same growth curve. Our fitness message hasn’t changed over these past 35 years to enhance and embrace the overall message of wellness.

We created One Day to Wellness to provide you with these essential tools. In this one-day journey, you will be given a road map to create your own unique path toward wellness and balance. We will meet you where you are on your nutrition, behavioral change, mindful, and wellness journey and assist you in finding your personal steps for success.

Our intention for creating One Day to Wellness is to enhance awareness of what is possible when we apply evidenced based healthy habits to our lives and how we can then share this new found wealth of knowledge with others so that they too can benefit from the science and research of how to live well.

Our goal is to spark an unconditional desire to promote and serve as a messenger of change and growth. We hope that by diving into this course with us your journey will be fruitful and rewarding and nothing less than life changing. Our journey started with small steps over time and has grown into an abundant garden of knowledge that keeps building on itself. We are coming to you armed with the latest and greatest in unbiased research and information sure to spark the wellness fire.


This training will take you to your next step in wellness

This is where One Day to Wellness can change this curve. Balance and wellbeing are the foundations of a healthy happy life. A balanced life is one that can handle the ups and downs of the day with a free and calm breath. How we deal with it all comes down to choices. We choose what to eat, when, or if to exercise, how to calm our mind, and who we surround ourselves with. We make choices with every action we take. The key to a balanced, enriched life is to direct these choices in positive ways and to redirect if the path is generating stress, unrest, and un-health. We all have the ability and power to write our own story. We all have the ability to control our balance. All of us need to invest in the educational tools that will allow us to make positive decisions that will affect the rest of our lives and the lives of those we touch.

To help you easily navigate the wellness waters, we have divided each theme into three sections:

READY – What We Know. We disseminate the information and current research through video lectures, on-your-own reading, and additional resources.

SET – How to Take Action. We provide step-by-step plans for success.

GO – Craft a Personalized Plan. We have created a worksheet for each section to facilitate the creation of a truly personalized plan for yourself and your clients.

Personal Perspective – Make It Real. We share our own personal experiences & lessons within each theme.


But, wait! There's more!

This Homestudy course comes with:

  • A full manual and access to multiple printable workbook pages for yourself, family members or clients,
  • CECs from ACE, AFAA, SCW, NASM, and canfitpro,
  • Access to over 70 One Minute to Wellness videos,
  • An extensive recipe library,
  • And our Lecture Series at a discounted rate.

The One Day to Wellness course is not only chock full of research and science, tangible application options, assessment, and follow through but we also provide for you the backend support at no additional cost. In the Coaches Corner, you will find everything you need to successfully navigate the transition to “lean more to the green,” as we like to say. In the Coach’s Corner, there are downloadable worksheets, recipe videos, and work in workouts to do anytime anywhere. We have supplemental videos to help you from the coach’s lens. And we always updating and adding more content for you to use.