We have so much to share with you! Here is a preview of our One Day to Wellness workshop

What if one day could create the shift you need to elevate your career, your thinking as well as your own wellness journey. What if you could harness the truth about sustained weight loss, behavioral change that sticks, mindfulness that matters, evidence-based and a wellness plan that actually works. One Day to Wellness offers all this using simple, easy to implement evidence-based tools. No counting calories, nothing to purchase, no magic potions, just a scientifically proven recipe for success that works 100% of the time. Join us for One Day to Wellness journey where you will elevate yourself and all who you coach with the gift of sustained weight loss and wellness gains.

We are so excited! Over the past year, we have offered our lecture series only to our One Day to Wellness coaches. Now, we want to offer you the same great benefits of having ready-made lectures to help establish yourself as an expert in your community.

We created our Lecture Series with three main goals in mind:

  1. Recruitment
  2. Retention
  3. Revenue

Upon purchase, you will receive a video of the lecture, the powerpoint presentation to use, and the ability to offer these lectures live to your clients, facility members, and community members. You will gain the ability to offer these lectures for free or to charge a fee to attend.  

Not a coach? Not a problem! These lectures will teach you personally how to live a healthier and wellness-oriented life! Check out the lecture descriptions here!