My August Update

By August 8, 2017Bruce

Lesson: Don’t go to get your blood test early on Tuesday morning unless you have an appointment or a whole lot of down time. Fortunately, I planned ahead and brought my computer so I could bang out a blog. So, here I sit, awaiting my turn. Tuesday morning the lab is FULL of “hangry” (hungry and angry at the same time) people who have been fasting and just want to leave and get a cup of coffee and breakfast. I’m in this quagmire because it’s the only opportunity I have to get the required blood work done for my upcoming biopsy at UCLA next week.

Mindy and I have been on a two week extended east coast journey at SCW Atlanta and then straight to DCAC in Reston, VA. Both of these conferences attract such great people – fitness and wellness pros that are truly passionate about what they do. Mindy and I felt so much energy with our evidence-based wellness message at both events. People are simply hungry for the truth about nutrition and behavioral change without industry influence. We feel the forward momentum of the mindful, plant-based movement, and it continues to drive us like nothing we have ever been involved in before. I am so thankful that I have found my purpose. We have been so busy traveling, speaking, and teaching, that there has been little to no time to dwell on my upcoming treatment, what ever it’s going to be…

I just don’t worry about it too much. We believe we have the right team (you never know for sure) and are making the right decisions (you never know if you are), so we just press forward. I don’t mind being the prostate cancer poster boy. In fact, I consider it to be an honor that I am able to reference my own experience in helping others understand that cancer does not just happen. You have to water the cancer seeds, as I did for most of my life.

So what should you do? Come listen to what I have to say at an upcoming event or One Day to Wellness workshop. Don’t wait to get a life threatening diagnosis to spur your behavior change. We didn’t know that prostate cancer is lifestyle disease 20, or even 10, years ago. But now we do!

Anyway, still waiting. The blood test de jour is to check key blood markers for liver and metabolic function since starting Zytigia one month ago. Then PSA to see if the combo Zytigia / Lupron is having their desired effect. Then we have to make sure all blood markers are in order for upcoming biopsy. But I am too busy to worry about it; I am already planning our departure this Thursday for a One Day To Wellness cert in Ravenna, OH on Saturday.

Did I mention that I feel great? Never better actually. It’s simple – it’s my diet. I would love to throw all of the insanely expensive prescription pills in the toilet, but I don’t.

I promise to update my blog after getting my biopsy results. If you read this far, you care about me and I can’t thank you enough.

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