Meet Our New Program: Coaching & Cooking

By November 14, 2017Bruce

One Day To Wellness is an excellent indoctrination into the world of mindfulness, behavioral change strategies, and evidence-based nutrition. It’s 9 hours of non-stop impactful, science-based information. When our coaches experience the truth about evidence-based nutrition, they are excited about incorporating strategies to make changes in their lives as well as their clients.
We simply don’t have enough time in that one day to demonstrate the implementation of plant-based food prep and cooking. Additionally, we recognize that it can be a challenge to begin transitioning from a lifelong disease-promoting diet to an evidence-based health-promoting diet…….in your own home.

Here is the Great News: Preparing delicious health-promoting food in your kitchen is actually easy and fun.

I am now going to brag: I am a fantastic cook. I have always loved cooking and preparing food for my family in my home. The problem was, I had a lifelong experience of cooking unhealthful food: Pork chops with mash potatoes and heavy cream, steak, elaborate cheese dishes, on and on. And then, at age 52, I became enlightened to what was truly healthful, plant-based eating. I
had to let go of all preconceived notions about how to cook and go through a complete transformation of my cooking ability. Eight years later, I can honestly say, I have mastered the oil-free, dairy-free, and animal product free, art of preparing delicious food that will blow your mind – for every single meal.

What I realized is that making this transition did not limit my choices. It actually opened up an entire world of thousands of different plant-based meals. Make a list of animal-based foods:

  • chicken
  • fish
  • beef
  • pork
  • seafood…

That’s about it.

Now think about the plant food kingdom! Ther are thousands of different edible plants, spices, and grains that can be combined in thousands of different ways to create thousands of different, delicious meals for you and your family.

Our NEW Coaching and Cooking day is a 9-hour immersion into simple, effective plant-based meal planning and preparation. By the end of the day, you will have the confidence to be able to prepare multiple plant-based breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals that require minimal time and will help to save your’s and your family’s life.

One more important thing: The food you are going to learn to prepare is unbelievably delicious. The day is also a total blast of fun. Don’t miss it! Please join us for this one of a kind, one-day evidence-based cooking transformation. Find out more here.

Oh and…Mindy is going to show you how to coach your clients….

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