How to Eat Well While on the Road

By February 27, 2017Bruce

Gone are the days when you could use your travel schedule as an excuse to eat poorly. Mindy and I eat at restaurants more than we eat at home, since we are on the road for the majority of the week. After our nutrition courses, we are often asked how we continue to eat in a health-promoting manner while constantly eating out. Here are my top 3 ways to ensure you eat well while on the road.

1. Search for plant-based healthy options on Yelp. Instead of choosing the first or even second restaurant you find, search on Yelp for the place with the most plant-friendly options. You get a lot more bonus points if you can walk there, instead of taking uber or a cab.

2. When at a restaurant, we immediately, but warmly, notify the server that we are plant-based eaters and we do not want any added salt or oil. Also, ask the waiter what they prefer on the menu that is plant-based along with what substitutions you are allowed to make.

3. Sometimes the best option is to go to Whole Foods or another similar grocery store. Instead of relying on others to prepare your food for you, prepare your own. Build your own salad at a salad bar!

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