The European Adventure Begins

By April 4, 2017Bruce, Mindy

Bruce and I consider ourselves quite worldly. My teaching career has taken me to many amazing countries
and Bruce’s passion for surfing has pointed him all over the world in search of perfect surf. For many years of our marriage, when our children were young, we played the passing ship game. I traveled, and he stayed home with the kids or visa versa. As the kids got older, I would take one of them with me, while the others stayed at home under the watchful eye of Bruce.

There are two countries I have always wanted for Bruce to see; he has never traveled to are Spain and Italy. We always said that some day we would go – some day we would fit it in. Well that some day is today. Bruce and I are about to embark on a 2 week European adventure. It starts in Barcelona for 5 days, then Florence for 3, then a 5 day self guided bike tour through Tuscany, and ending in Rome. Each day we plan something special to share with you. We want this trip to not only be unforgettable but also to be educational.

So follow us for 2 weeks through Spain and Italy. We promise to show you some new exercises from crazy places, how we navigate the food and wine, and perhaps we will learn a tip or two to share about traveling well. So hope to see you daily for a European Adventure.

Best – Bruce and Mindy

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