Finding My Purpose at Age 56

By September 19, 2016Bruce

I started writing this week’s blog based on Mindy’s observation of my new found purpose in life. I thought this was a great idea to continue from her blog as I do feel a renewed and even new sense of purpose as an advocate for true wellness. But then, this insane story about the sugar industry arose this weekend. And sense my new sense of purpose (advocating the truth about diet and health), I feel compelled to highlight what happened this past week.

Oh Sugar, Sugar

A new historical analysis published in the journal JAMA Internal Medicine on Monday claimed that the sugar industry linked sugar intake to heart disease over 60-years ago, but hid this researched fact from the public with a simple bait-and-switch marketing strategy. In an industry-sponsored research study, the sugar industry promoted fat “as the dietary culprit” in heart disease, leaving out the direct link that was found to connect heart disease to sugar. In other words, the sugar industry did not disclose it’s full findings that has resulted in over 6 decades of further studies and diagnosis.

This should not surprise anyone. Furthermore, I am sure this happens continually in the food industry in just about every industry sponsored research study. It’s one thing to bury research that does not turn out the way a food organization wants; but it’s another issue to fund completely separate research studies to cast doubt on the health risk of a particular food. How do these people sleep at night? This type of activity demonstrates the vital importance of using solid unbiased scientific research to make the most important decisions of your life, which is what you eat everyday. How are we to fully understanding how food will affect our health? This is one really good example of what fuels my passion and purpose.

Having Purpose

One of the key components of the longest lived societies is a sense of purpose. Whether it’s keeping a healthy garden, raising money for a charity you believe in, or being there for your grandkids, all humans need a sense of purpose to grow and survive.

By the way, none of the longest lived societies pay any attention to sugar industry studies. They do NOT eat any processed foods with added sugar, nor do they  know that they ARE a longest lived society. These societies just do what they have always done.

Finding My Purpose at Age 56

I can honestly say I did not feel a true sense of purpose in my life until very recently, at age 56. Wow. Life can have an unusual way of unfoldunnameding. A decade ago, I thought I had purpose. While I had a fun, challenging career in Silicon Valley, I was raising 3 wonderful kids with Mindy. Ten years ago, Mindy convinced me to join her in business; I will admit that the career change felt a little like jumping off a cliff. But it has turned out just fine. Mindy and I have a blast working together. We started our own company and the crazy fitness business was a breath of fresh air coming from the high stress world of high tech. Traveling constantly to different conferences was (and still is) a lot of fun.

But a few things happened along the way that changed the vector of my and Mindy’s life. These were issues that I would have no way of predicting! I took action and radically changed my eating behavior based on thorough research. This was probably the best decision (besides marrying Mindy) I have ever made.

Then shortly after changing my diet, I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. This unfortunate turn of events turned my whole world upside down but also had the unintended consequence of kicking my passion for nutrition into overdrive. In turn, I was able (and still am) to turn my new knowledge into an additional weapon against cancer. At the same time, I began lecturing on the latest science of nutrition. The feedback I received from conference attendees stunned me. I had no idea how hungry fitness professionals were for the truth about nutrition. I have had countless individuals contact me to let me know that I was the catalyst in changing their diets and lives.

The Moment

This was the PURPOSE aha moment for me. In my mid-50’s, I finally knew what I was destined to do for the rest of my life. I am going to continue my craft as an evidence-based advocate for the wellness movement that is sweeping our country. It’s clear to me. I have found my purpose – better late than never! Please join me on this journey by subscribing to our newsletter. Or join us live at One Day To Wellness on October 15th in Henrico, VA . On the west coast? Great! See how I really live at One Weekend to Wellness November 4-6th, where you will get to join me and Mindy in our own home and kitchen!

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