Food Choices

By November 28, 2016Bruce

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If so, I can not over emphasis the importance of the new film documentary by Michal Slewlerski, Food Choices. It’s free on Netflix or you can download for $.99 on iTunes. Slewlerski has managed to deliver a film that is both simple to understand and impossible to ignore for anyone who is beginning to think about transitioning to a healthier diet for themselves and the planet.

Drawing on the knowledge of luminaries in the world of nutrition including Dr. T. Colin Campbell, Dr. Pamela Popper, and Dr. Michael Greger, this movie answers ALL of the basic questions you will have about why you should begin transitioning your diet. It also addresses the concerns you may have due to the misconceptions created by food industry advertising. Learn the reasons why it’s time to change our eating behavior to improve our health no matter were you are on the health continuum. Possibly more importantly, become enlightened as to how we can dramatically improve the condition of humans and the entire planet.

Once you have seen this movie, you will have the basic knowledge you need to get started on your and your family’s journey to wellness. Mindy and I are here to help you with that with our One Day to Wellness Program.

Please take the time to watch!

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