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Mindy and I are in the Wellness Wagon on the outskirts of Pheonix, the middle of the Arizona desert. In fact, we danced in the desert last night. Mindy and I are here because we presented and attended FitnessFest in Phoenix this past weekend and it was a great experience.

Almost 4 months off my second round of hormone therapy and 1st round of Zytigia, my PSA levels have begun to rise again. We knew this was going to happen… yet, I still find myself requiring great mental and emotional strength to not let this development depress me. I have to remind myself of what I preach in One Day To Wellness: “Manage your health, not your numbers.”

I am sure I am not alone in agonizing for years over PSA numbers instead of focusing on the present moment, which for me is a feeling of vibrant, excellent health. Screw the friggin’ PSA numbers! I am laser focused on my health and have been since my diagnosis over 8 years ago. I feel physically better than I have ever felt since transitioning to an evidence-based plant-strong diet NINE years ago.

Dear cancer victims and survivors,

Take control of your personal health now! Your doctor is not responsible for your day to day personal health – YOU ARE. It is never too late to adopt a healthier mental and physical lifestyle. Don’t wait/ hope/expect genetic science or medicine to save you.


If you are dealing with a cancer diagnosis, I implore you to take the time to read this recent article from Dr. T. Colin Campbell.

Dr. Campbell’s unbiased scientific analysis of the failure of the “War on Cancer” is sobering. However, even more impactful, is his observation of the continued lack of acceptance by the medical and scientific community of the large and growing body of existing research demonstrating that diet plays a major role in the development of most cancers diagnosed, as well as the ability of diet to help us slow or even reverse the progression of the disease.

Regardless of my ultimate outcome, I want to feel as healthy and happy as possible while I am here. I want to be a living example of how we can thrive in the face of this awful disease. My #1 weapon on my own personal cancer battle? A whole-food, plant-based diet.

The final question to ask yourself if you are dealing with cancer is “what is the downside of adopting this way of living and eating?” From my own personal experience again, the answer is NONE. There is only a tremendous upside. As Dr. Campbell said in his summary in the above article: “PROVE ME WRONG.”

Don’t wait to take action! And remember, we are here to help. Please reach out to us.

Thank you, Dr. Campbell. You are at the top of my personal and professional hero lists and always will be.


Bruce Mylrea


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