The Surprise in United First Class

By August 31, 2017Bruce

Mindy and I tell everyone we live on the beach in Santa Cruz. And it’s true! I am looking out over the Monterey Bay and the 100-year-old Santa Cruz wharf as I type this. The view and atmosphere here are like nowhere else. And we should know; We’ve been almost everywhere.

The reality is that we actually “live” in airports, stuffy hotels, and on United Airlines airplanes. While I am enjoying the view while writing this blog, Mindy is on the phone (on hold) with United trying to book flights. Don’t get me wrong, I would not trade our life for any other. Having the opportunity to work with fitness professionals throughout our great country is a life few people get to experience.

Coming back from SCW Dallas Mania (a truly great fitness conference), we were upgraded to first class which is ALWAYS a bonus. Because we adhere to a very healthy, whole food, plant-based diet, Mindy and I always bring our own food; this is usually a salad from the salad bar from the local Whole Foods. We still bring our own food when upgraded to first class because the meals served on the plane are typically not…health promoting. Well, this flight was different in a good way. In addition to the usual meat fare that is on the menu (this trip is was sausage and chicken jambalaya), which I would not eat unless I was starving on a desert island, the second choice was a vegan lentil stew with a side salad. The excitement began to rise to the surface as Mindy and I started to anticipate a yummy plant-based meal on United. Our excitement quickly grew because every single passenger in first class ordered the vegan dinner option. However, we were disappointed because, by the time they got to us in the last row, the lentil stew was sold out.

While this was unfortunate for us, it is a very telling trend that is rapidly developing in our country. Think about this: twelve passengers were in first class and every single one requested a completely meat free, plant-based meal. Wow! I took this as a positive indicator of the wave that is rolling across our country. People are accepting the clear evidence that simply eating plant-based is probably the simplest thing we can do to improve our health and lifespan.

Mindy and I both ordered the jambalaya, ate the side salad, the rice and left the pile of animal parts on the side. Our flight attendant said we should let United know that more passengers are expecting to be able to get clean plant-based meals and it should always be an option. So if you work for United, please pass on the message.

PS: My biopsy at UCLA last week came back negative which means the suspected mass found via MRI was NOT cancer. Great news! PSA blood tests still indicate cancer somewhere. We have to stay diligent and continue to monitor the situation. I am so used to this scenario now, I don’t even stress over it. Just keep on truckin!

Remember, you and only you are responsible for your health. Take good care of it.

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