The Key to Feeling Fulfilled in Life

By April 22, 2019Bruce

I have finally realized that the ability to learn throughout your life AND apply it is probably the key to being fulfilled.

I love being a student, which is why I read at least 10 research books a year and virtually attend the Food Revolution Summit each year. Ocean and John Robbins never fail to deliver relevant and thought-provoking content through this one-of-a-kind gathering of the brightest minds in the world of nutrition and lifestyle medicine. This year’s line up of speakers is no exception. Here are my impressions of the 25+ educators that will be presenting:

  • Dr. Neal Bernard MD – Physicians Committee For Responsible Medicine. A personal hero of mine and one of our most valued educational partners. Dr. Bernard delivers simple science based evidence on nutrition and how to easily implement it into your life. We integrate PCRM’s infographics and news updates throughout our One Day To Wellness program.
  • Dr. Dean Ornish – Mindy and I are listening to Dr. Ornish’s latest book “Undo It”, which outlines his amazing research and treatment of reversing chronic disease. Dr. Ornish & his book outlines the epidemiological research over the last 50 years; this research indicates a plant-based diet is the healthiest way to eat. Dr. Ornish has been able to prove that a plant-based diet can reverse disease through elegantly designed randomized controlled clinical trials.
  • Dr. William Lee – We first met Dr. Lee as an attending physician at the True North Health Center where we completed a prolonged medically supervised water-only fast. Dr. Lee is young, full of energy, and committed to helping his patients understand the vital importance of nutrition and lifestyle medicine to prevent disease. Dr. Lee is spearheading a new breed of medical doctors armed with nutritional tools as the first line of defense for chronic disease and the symptoms that come with them.
  • Dr. Michael Klaper – I consider myself to be a funny guy, but Dr. Klaper is absolutely hilarious. He leverages his keen sense of humor to grab your attention, and then Dr. Klaper will deliver the truth about food without fear of offending. The dude is wicked smart. My favorite line of Dr. K riffing on restaurants: “Chinese: Asian flavored salt sugar and fat / Mexican: Latin inspired seasoning of salt, sugar, and fat. Italian: Mediterranean flavors infused into salt, sugar, and fat…”
  • Ocean Robbins – Ocean and his dad will be leading most of the interviews but Ocean deserves his on spot on the FRN summit. His new book “The 31 Day Food Revolution”. After reading Ocean’s book, I can relate to him more than ever. He struggles with a potato chip addiction just like ME! Ocean reveals his own personal experience with his family to outline simple plans of action to keep peace AND stay as healthy as possible. Each chapter has a ‘how to get started’ section along with a quick quiz. It finishes with a straightforward action plan on a variety of nutritional subjects.

I feel a strong sense of gratitude that I am living in such a dynamic time of health change in the world. These leaders make themselves available to anyone who wants to keep their health or gain it back. It’s time for a Food Revolution.

Final thoughts: I hope Mindy and I can continue to travel in our Wellness Wagon and help everyday folks understand they have immense control of their health. I want to do this ‘job’ forever.

We got some great motivation during our stay last week at an RV park in St. Augustine, FL. A young family was camped next to us with 4 kids between the ages of 3 and 8. During our 4-day stay, the kids would sit at their picnic table and draw the fruits and veggies on our RV. Then, their mom would quiz them on what they were. It did not take long for the mom to begin grilling us on just about everything nutrition related. Moms and kids are the change agents that will make the world a better place. The youngest of the bunch made us the shell carrot in the photo featured here. I am keeping the shell carrot!

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