Three Simple Steps

By October 11, 2016Bruce

A mind and body in balance is a WELL mind and body. But sometimes, our mind or our body is not well. Sometimes, we need to change our behaviors so that we can heal mentally and physically. Behavior change is not something that happens overnight. Permanent and positive behavior change takes time, practice, patience, and small steps. So let’s investigate three simple steps to wellness and behavior change.

My Story

Prior to being diagnosed with 11041883_10152729565646254_5545475719540955056_oprostate cancer at age 53, my idea of wellness was being fit to surf: “Can I get paddle out to repeatedly endure the pounding waves and be able to walk the next day? Is my body able to withstand the workout that is involved in my actions? Am I mentally fearless enough to face the scary, double-overhead barrels with a shallow reef break underneath me?”

My love and desire for surfing is still as strong as ever. It just doesn’t take prime real-estate anymore in the wellness portal of my brain. Being well now means waking up every day with purpose and passion. It is nourishing the body with plants and water and fueling the mind with positive affirmations and respectful knowledge.

Three Simple Steps to Wellness and Behavior Change

As we will discuss throughout One Day to Wellness, behavior change starts with a few decisive decisions:

1. Identifying the state where you are currently,
2. What you want to adjust,
3. What steps to take to move in the right direction, and
4. How to maintain the course.

As Mindy and I have spoken about before, small steps lead to great change. But how do you even starts? What should those first steps be? Here is my advice based on my personal experience.

1. Focus on the positive. Don’t tell yourself that you CANNOT have or do something; instead reaffirm the things you can have and the positivity that will result from this change.

2. Write everything down. Like Mindy wrote about in “There’s an App For That”, sometimes technology is not our friend. Writing down your goals and your reasons for making changes in your life is a very powerful action.

3. Remember that life is a marathon and not a sprint. You are going to relapse; that is part of the process of changing your life. Try to focus on the end result of your small steps, instead of criticizing yourself for small hiccups.

Mindy and my goal is to spark an unconditional desire to promote and serve as a messenger of change and growth. We hope that your journey will be fruitful and rewarding. Our journey started with small steps over time and has grown into an abundant garden of knowledge that continues to flourish. We are delivering the newest unbiased research, sure to spark the wellness fire inside of you. Make sure to follow us with our weekly newsletter and join us for One Day to Wellness and One Weekend to Wellness.

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