We Threw the Calendar Away

By April 20, 2020Bruce

If you do what we do for a living, your career, job, and life were canceled for the balance of 2020 just one month ago. Our convention and ODTW certs were elegantly planned for the year and transcribed into Mindy’s calendar. We threw the calendar away. Mindy and I are living in our RV at Mindy’s brother’s (thank you Tim!) house in Aptos, CA. Here is a pick of Tim and me stressing out in front of his garage “Tiki Bar”. And the beach is one block away…

The biggest surprise for me after a month of sequestration is that, I hate to say it, I like it. For the first time in probably 20 years, we are NOT flying or driving anywhere. I forgot what it’s like just to chill and stay in ONE PLACE for a while. Prediction: There will be NO live conventions or conferences of ANY kind for the balance of this year. The virus trajectory is too unknown and will be for at least six months. I think business will begin to come back slowly in May and June, BUT LARGE GROUPS OF PEOPLE AT CONVENTION HALLS AND HOTELS ARE NOT COMING BACK AS QUICKLY. They may NEVER come back in form and format we remember. Large gatherings of people are our business! Change happens! We will figure it out…..

Cancer doesn’t socially or physically isolate like you, me, and our medical teams. As I have learned personally, cancer care and treatment during this crisis have been severely disrupted. I waited 3 months for a PSMA scan last month at UCLA only to be called the day before to let me know that it was canceled with no way to reschedule. I understand. People are dying right now. My problem can wait, but the disruption in cancer care is a little scary for those of us in active treatment or diagnosis mode. I was finally able to complete the scan last week and although my PSA continues to go up (not good), the most advanced prostate cancer imaging procedure available, found no metastasis or spread of distant disease. It did still identify a hot spot in the prostate bed, but I’ll take it. Nine years since I was diagnosed, had surgery, had radiation. Nine years and no spread but the cancer is still there? No treatment of any kind for the last 2.5 years. No hormone therapy, no chemo, no radiation. What’s up? I know I am keeping my ever-present cancer suppressed and tamed with my DIET. Low-fat plant-based nutrition is working for me. I should be the “poster boy” for how plant-based nutritional therapy is keeping my prostate cancer at bay and me feeling GREAT. I should write a book about it. Oh, I did: “The Plant-Powered Approach To Prostate Cancer”. It is deeply researched and includes expert analysis of some of the brightest doctors and scientists in (w)holistic oncological nutrition. It’s with the editor now and will be available early this summer. You can preorder a copy here.

Even if your diagnosis or even treatment has been postponed or delayed due to COVID-19, you can still take actionable steps to begin or continue the healing process by adopting a diet scientifically proven to slow the growth of many of our common cancers such as breast and prostate. Check out this FREE handbook from the Food Revolution Network on the foods PROVEN to battle cancer. And remember, the Food Revolution Summit is starting on April 25th – You can register for free now for this amazing on-line even created by Ocean and John Robbins. Check out the incredible speaker line up for this event here. What better way to spend a lockdown than learning from the best nutrition experts on the planet how to improve and prolong your health?

Hang in there! We’ve successfully locked down this long, we’ll make it! I might ask for an extension. I have adapted to sleeping for 9 hours every night.

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