Wellness Wagon Wanderings Update

Fathers Day 2021. Just went paddling on my trusty Costco Wavestorm soft-top surfboard in West Point Lake in West Point, GA.

Once again, we have landed in a breathtaking area with the Army Corp of Engineers providing a beautiful lake. West Point Dam was built on the Chattahoochee River in 1962 as part of the Flood Control Act. The lake extends 35 miles along the Chattahoochee River on the Alabama-Georgia state line.

And once again, there is simply no one around in the middle of summer with beautiful weather. Actually, the weather is what drove us here, to begin with. A tropical depression came ashore two days ago in Dauphin Island, Alabama. We bailed because of the storm, and now it’s following us on our way to North Carolina for a big family reunion. 

After the reunion, Mindy and I are headed to Dominical Costa Rica for two weeks. I’ve never been to this area of Costa Rica, but the beach break there is supposedly perfect and very consistent. Here’s the thing: Probably my biggest fear of going back on hormone therapy for advanced prostate WAS that I would have difficulty maintaining my physical capabilities, especially and specifically for surfing. I’ve been surfing for over 50 years, and it is simply part of my epigenetic make-up at this point. Of course, at 63 and not surfing regularly, my skills have diminished, but I’m confident I can still get out there and hold my own. So this trip is a test for me as much as it is a fun jaunt to Central America. If I can get in a groove, paddle with strength, and get to my feet in some heavy beach breaks, maybe even a few barrels, I will rejoice. I’m pretty sure I am going to do fine. My weight is steady since starting Orgovyx two months ago at around 132. We’ve been in locations where paddling, swimming, and running are right out the door. As I mentioned in an earlier blog, I’ve noticed some muscle definition loss but not much since starting Orgovyx. No significant changes to my breast either. And the best thing is I physically feel fantastic. My mental attitude and health also are in a good grove right now. How could it not be? I’ll provide an update on the surfing litmus test as it goes down in Dominical. 

Two months in on the new hormone treatment, and Mindy and I are still having sex regularly! Maybe not as regularly as in the past but enough to keep the intimacy flame going. I don’t remember this being the case with Lupron after a few months. All sex drive disappeared for me pretty much with Lupron. So, this fact alone makes me want to give Orgovyx an A+, but I guess I should wait for my next blood test (which will be when we get back from Costa Rica) before making an endorsement. After nine months, I also want to assess how I’m doing and then go off for a few months with my intermittent hormone therapy plan.

Here is what I have learned about hormone therapy: It will impact your strength and emotions. If you don’t focus on staying in good physical condition through diet and exercise, the negative impact will be much more significant. But if you set a goal at the beginning not only to maintain your health but even improve it during the treatment, you are going to fair much better. I need to write a book about it.

Go buy an RV and wander…………………………….

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