Why Am I So Happy?

By October 24, 2017Bruce

I am really, really, happy and content. More so than I have EVER been in my life. Honestly, I am baffled. I am in a continuing and probably lifelong battle with prostate cancer. I’m in my second round of hormone therapy coupled with an additional chemo drug Zytigia. Mindy and I had a conference call with my doctor last week, and he is even amazed by how well I feel. Most of his patients on this protocol suffer from mood swings, weight gain, lethargy, and depression. I don’t think he was expecting me to tell him that I feel great! I am really happy with a lot of energy and have experienced NO weight gain!

Mindy and I have been flying all over the country every weekend to certify bold and courageous fitness professionals in our One Day To Wellness program which includes constant air travel, time changes, and sleep deprivation in cheap hotels. Sound like a formula for exhaustion doesn’t it? But it hasn’t been. What is going on? Here it is:

1. I am blessed to be so in love with and married to the smartest, most giving gal on the planet – Mindy Mylrea. Additionally, I also have 3 incredibly wonderful, happy, and successful boys who I could not be more proud of!

2. I love what Mindy and I are doing with One Day To Wellness more than anything I have worked on in my entire life. I have found my purpose with a passion. There is simply nothing more rewarding than empowering people to help them change their own, their family’s, and their client’s lives for the better through simple evidence-based living. (Special thanks to everyone in Dallas and Houston this past weekend that made our certs a great experience for all involved)

3. I have drunk our own poison! Mindy’s and my no oil, plant-based diet makes me feel fantastic and provides me with boundless energy and improved mental clarity. This vast improvement in health and mental acuity is available to EVERYONE who is willing to change their behavior based on solid scientific evidence.

4. My daily meditation practice is an incredible source of mindfulness cultivation. It simply makes me feel…calm, centered, happy and mindful!

The combination of all four creates a synergistic force that is more than the sum of it’s parts. As my head hits my pillow at night, I go to sleep with a smile on my face. Helping others is truly the most special gift on the planet.

Having said all that ducky pondy stuff, I also have to give a shout out and huge endorsement to Dr. Joel Fuhrman, M.D’s new book “Fast Food Genocide.” Dr. Fuhrman’s writing is articulate,research-driven, and straight to the point: We are killing ourselves, our dreams, and our country faster than anyone thought possible through the life long daily consumption of processed food. He also offers simple and concise roadmaps of how to navigate our way out of this horrible situation. Buy it now and read it immediately. It will change the way you think about what we are eating as a country and how our eating habis are dragging us to down. We can’t ignore this problem any more or pretend it will go away. We MUST take action. Go Dr. Fuhrman!

Finally, the holiday season is upon us so keep an eye out for new video recipes of super healthy and delicious meals and snacks for every special occasion.

In good health, Bruce Mylrea

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