Enjoy the Gaps.

By December 13, 2016Mindy

We hope this blog finds you enjoying the wonderful time of year. For some of us, the holidays are filled with family, friends, and great times. For others, this time of year brings angst, over-committing, and sleep deprivation. For most of us, we have some of each. This is why during the holidays we need to pause and breathe. We need to enjoy the moments and try as hard to be well.

So with this blog, I am taking an excerpt from our One Day to Wellness program manual to ask you to ponder what wellness means to you. I also want share Bruce’s own personal perspective, through my eyes.

What your definition of wellness totally depends on the state you are in. If all is good with mind and body you may see wellness as staying right where you are. If you are addressing aches and pains and life is out of wack then your definition is quite different. Wellness is an ever-evolving ebb and flow continuum. We all strive for perfect health and happiness but this gauge fluctuates every day. With this ever-changing shift, all we can do is to try to steer in the right direction and if the tides turn we steady our ship and align it back as soon as possible. Wellness is also riding the rough waves with the knowledge that this place is temporary and the more we can calmly navigate our way, the better our outcome will be.

Bruce’s personal perspective – seen through my lens. Before our cancer diagnosis, Bruce’s idea of wellness was being fit to surf. That was it. “Can I get out there and repeatedly endure the pounding waves and be able to walk the next day. Is my body able to withstand the workout that is involved? Am I mentally fearless to face scary double overhead barrels with a shallow reef break underneath me and not eat it?”

Bruce’s love and desire for surfing are still as strong as ever. It just doesn’t take prime real estate anymore in the Wellness portal of his brain. Being well now means waking up every day with purpose and passion. It is nourishing the body with plants and water and fueling the mind with positive affirmations and respectful knowledge.

So this holiday season perhaps what you did in year’s past that made you overextended and crazy can be left off the list. Less many times is more and doing less definitely has its benefits. When there are open gaps in all the scheduled events and activities the best things come to be. Enjoy the Gaps.

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