Our First One Day to Wellness Training

By October 17, 2016Mindy

Hard work and having a great team pays off. This past Saturday marked our first One Day to Wellness Training that was held in Richmond, VA. We had 23 participants, all from various backgrounds and experiences, and all were so eager to soak in everything that we had to offer. As Bruce put it, we had been preparing for this training for 6 years and all that effort paid off this weekend. We couldn’t be more elated and encouraged that our message is resonating and generating change. unnamed-2

Creating something totally new, different, and out of the norm is exciting and scary at the same time. We are used to status quo. We are comfortable with what we know and the space we are in. When someone moves our cheese (I love that book) we feel disrupted and uncomfortable. We fear that we will fail or that others will judge us. So, we stay with what is easy and safe.

There is nothing easy or safe about our program One Day to Wellness. We rock the boat. We make you think. We may even enlist a few tears. A few years ago, Bruce and I jumped ship from the safety of what always has been to sail these uncharted waters; We saw a need to speak the truth about health and wellness and we wanted to make a difference in peoples’ lives. With One Day to Wellness, we want to challenge peoples’ opinions with fact-based information. We ask people to question their current assumptions and beliefs.

Our message is not “How to work out” but rather “How to work IN.” It is not “How do I eat to build muscle” but rather “How do I eat to be disease free and live a long thoughtful life.” Long term health and wellness is achieved through balance and equilibrium. Being balanced in mind and body. Leading One Day to Wellness has provided that balance for Bruce and I. We have found our purpose and are spreading this message every chance when given the opportunity.

One of our amazing master trainers, Shannon Colavecchio, put it so clearly. It is called the multiplier affect. You touch one person with your message. They in turn touch another and so on and so on. We have found our purpose because we have witnessed this affect over and over again. By touching one, you touch many if your message is profound and life changing. Our goal of One Day to Wellness is that it will enhance many’s message and truly change lives

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