I Wrote a Book

By April 13, 2020Mindy

I have written my first book. I am beyond excited and proud of this book and the potential impact it can bring to couples dealing with erectile dysfunction. My book’s title is The Plant Powered Penis & you can purchase it here.

Oh, did I mention that I wrote a book?! I am incredibly proud of myself. For years I have teased the idea in my head of writing a book and for years that was where the idea stayed  – on the back burner with no flame. Navigating the cancer sea that my fighter, Bruce, has been floating in for nearly ten years has provided both stress and strength, tears and tenacity, and an arsenal of emotional tools to deal with whatever situation arises. I guess one reason I hadn’t written a book before was that I didn’t have a compelling enough reason to write one – until now. 

Another reason for my apprehension was that I’ve never felt qualified. Does starring in over 1000 videos, writing articles and manuals, and being considered an authority in my field qualifications for being a book author? Not in my previous opinion. I stood in my own way for years because of self- inflicted doubt and not thinking I had what it took. Well, one day as I was editing Bruce’s new book, I came up with this great name for a book The Plant Powered Penis – I know right? I thought what would the downside be if I just started putting some stuff down on paper?

I just started writing …and writing …and writing until I had a finished book in my hands. This took a lot of determination and commitment and shelving any self -doubt. It also took being open to critique. I have an amazing editor and Bruce has censored me along the way so as to protect the innocent (our three boys).

I think I have written a great book. It is informative, insightful, on point, and above all very funny. How could it not? I have three sons, three brothers, a husband and a father. I have no sisters and no daughters. I am a lone vagina in a sea of penises and boy, do I have stories to tell. 

Whatever you want to do that is on the back burner with no flame, I’m telling you now, please go find the flame. I didn’t need to write a book that has already been written. I needed to discover the missing voice in the noise. Then I needed to trust in myself that I would do justice to the topic and provide something that was relevant, authentic, and different. I think I have done this. 

Please order yours today.

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