This is going to be a short blog as I am typing with only one hand and this is where my blog begins.

I had an unfortunate sidetrack last week. I broke a bone in my hand and dislocated my finger. An issue that could really set me back as our big fitness convention season will soon be upon us and I need all my appendages to demo my new fitness moves.

I wish I had an impressive story to go along with the broken bone but it was just a run in with Bruce’s bike with my bike. I was totally bummed for sure. We live at the ocean and have an unprecedented 4 weeks home in between conferences. Time for crazy bike rides, beach runs, and stand up paddleboarding. This would not quite be the vacation I envisioned

The first few days adjusting to the immobility, the unilateral approach to everything that had been bilateral and the weight of the cast was a challenge. But after the adjustment period, I realized this would only a blip in the scheme of things. And I am about to film for you a one-armed workout to demo some of the new moves I have come up with.

Live is full of Blips. Good blips, bad blips and all blips in between. This is just a blip – not good or bad – just an inconvenience. I choose to save all my big emotions for big blips that will need my energy and resilience. Until then I am mellow and healing quietly. Because it is just a blip

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