My Mindfulness Challenge

By September 19, 2017Mindy

At One Day to Wellness one of our key tenants is to experience mindful moments throughout the day. Moments that are worthy of memories. Memories are what life is all about. All we really have are moments that in turn will generate memories that fill our lives with a multitude of colors. All memories are important and should not be missed or forgotten as they shape who we are – for better or for worse.

Some of the memories exude colors that are not bright. Some may be downright dark but those colors are a necessary contribution to the color pallet that fills the rainbow. A life that is filled with all colors of the rainbow, and also the puddles of darkness, allow us to truly live in the moment. And this is where we want to live a fulfilled life.

I find myself often not living by my One Day to Wellness tenant. I often reach for my phone multiple times a day to see “what I am missing”. I jump on my computer so I don’t get behind on whatever is waiting for me. I tend to lean to happy thoughts instead of facing tough struggles.

I am so connected with Bruce and my boys but I am also a complete and total workaholic. This is a blessing but also a curse. I can’t turn this part of me off, even when I know I need to pay more attention to making memories. In fact, Bruce has started a new tradition of hiding my computer at night so that I can focus on dinner and time spent talking to rehash the day together.

When I told Bruce I was going to dedicate this blog to mindfulness, he laughed; He reminded me of how unmindful I am at times. I take his comments to heart, therefore I have created a challenge for myself.

It is time to walk the walk of mindfulness. I am going to take the following steps:

1. I am only going to check my social media once in the morning and once at night
2. I am only going to answer emails or send emails one hour in the morning, check it again once after lunch, and then again once in the evening
3. I will stop all devices – phone, internet, TV, anything with a screen 2 hours before bedtime
4. I will keep a journal as to how I am doing and what I am grateful for and how many memories I have created each day.
5. I will sit with the tough stuff once a day so that I can better live with these and not fight against the dark
6. If someone is talking to me, I will stop what I am doing so that I can truly engage. I will look them in the eye and listen. And I will only speak after they are through with what they are saying

I will check in with you in one week to report on how I am doing.

I talk the talk so now I must walk the walk. Would you care to join me for this challenge? Okay, let’s do this together! If you are interested, comment below. I am signing off now as it is 2 hours before bedtime. I will be checking back in one week.

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  • kturnerlife says:

    It doesn’t appear anyone commented and I’m new to the blog and this is old — but mindfulness is something I have LONG struggled with and am trying to be more “in the moment”. I like what you’ve written and I accept the challenge. ALso — I’m 2 days in to the WFPB meal plan and I’m feeling pretty good — a little bloated 2 days in but I know it’s going to work itself out shortly. THank you for your inspiration and your spunk and your joy of this industry. I am excited to be joining with you in this quest to inform others of what food does in our body. I have spoken all day to clients about changing their meal plans, creating a journal etc. for their new journey! Thank you!

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