Order What Bruce is Having

By March 13, 2017Mindy

Bruce and I have just returned home from back to back conventions in New York City and Chicago. Two days in California to catch up, pay bills, and wash clothes; then it is back on the road. This is our life. We have grown used to the non-stop travel. However, it never gets to be a boring routine, as I have a man by my side who always amazes me by doing more than is expected. I like to call it doing “more than.”

While in Chicago, we taught our 9-hour One Day to Wellness workshop, 8 sessions, manned the booth, and ended with a 7-hour Tabata Bootcamp post-con. A very busy weekend that followed another equally busy week in NYC at the SCW conference. When we landed in Chicago, anyone else would have suggested we go to the hotel room for a nap. Not Bruce.

First, he had to speak to the hotel’s restaurant chef. Bruce waited patiently for 20 minutes for the chef to arrive. After he introduced himself, he proceeded to tell the chef know who we were and what we would be teaching – an evidence based eating plan and lifestyle that is primary whole food plant based with no oil. Bruce asked if the chef could prepare a special menu for our session and certification attendees. It would be the “Bruce and Mindy” menu. The chef was thrilled by this challenge and the next day he had an entire menu ready to for Bruce to approve.

That night, after our packed lecture “Nutritional Tips, Tricks, and Treats”, the hotel restaurant was filled with folks asking for the Bruce and Mindy menu. All weekend conference attendees thanked us for going the extra mile to ensure there were healthy food options. Many went to the restaurant to order “what Bruce is having.”

This is what we do. We walk the walk and talk the talk. We go out of our way to make sure that everyone we touch knows that we mean what we say and say what we mean. We go out of our way to arrive into a conference early so that we can go shopping for food to share in our lectures as well as to speak to the chef at the hotel. This is not a hobby for us. We are on a mission to help as many people as we can to live a well life.

I watch my amazing husband everyday live his passion driven mission. He doesn’t want others to go through what he lives with everyday. He doesn’t want cancer and heart disease to be people’s story.

We can make a difference! It starts with what we feed ourselves and our family. And it starts with being “more than”. Make a REAL difference by doing more than is expected. Now, I say: when you want to just take a nap, stand up and order what Bruce is having.

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