Really Great Friends

By June 12, 2018Mindy

Bruce and I have always been a solo act. For our entire married life of 35 years, it has been just us. Family vacations were just us and the kids. No other families, no other friends of our kids – just us. When our kids were no longer kids you would think we would have transitioned to vacationing with other couples but no. We value our time alone so much that it never even crossed our mind to share our precious one-on-one moments with another couple. It isn’t because we don’t like being with other people it is just that we love being just us so much that anything less isn’t an option. Until this year.

Bruce and I recently went to Costa Rica for 2 weeks celebrating his big 60 and had an amazing time. We rented a house in a small town known for its quite decent surf spots – Playa Negra. When we booked the trip, we invited our 3 grown sons to join us but only one of them took us up on it for the second week. So we would be alone for the first week. Just how we like it.

As many of you know Bruce and I have embarked on an epic track across North America in our 32 foot RV we call the Wellness Wagon to help people live an optimally healthy life. We have been so blessed and actually blown away with the outpouring of support and generosity of those we have met along our journey. We have been offered to borrow cars, places to park, places to sleep…you name it! We thought we were going to be giving the gift but we never thought how many gifts we would receive. One amazing gift that Bruce and I have received is the gift of true friendship. Open arms, no judgment, easy, simple friendship.

So this brings me back to the beginning of my blog. Meet Will and Katie Benson – our really great friends. Will and Katie live in Tomball, TX where we have now led 2 very successful One Day to Wellness trainings. It seems like this entire town of Tomball, TX has wrapped its arms around us. We have gotten to know this wonderful town and the people who live here and it has etched a notch in our hearts. So long story short, we invited Will and Katie to Costa Rica ending a 35-year solo act of the just Bruce and Mindy vacation run. The 5 days we shared with them was such a blast. After dropping them off at the airport and driving back to our rental home, I thought about why now and why them. Here is what I came up with.

Really Great Friends are so easy to be with that conversations flow freely and there is no expectation or worry. No matter what the religious or political differences, the core of the person is what is most important. Friends feel like family only better because we get to pick them. Really great friend stick and are stuck for a lifetime.

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