The Summer of 2017 Thus Far

By July 28, 2017Mindy

Summer is usually a time for vacations and lazy, sun soaked days. It’s a time for family and friends and a time to relax and enjoy some downtime. Summer for Bruce and I is a little bit different. From Memorial Day to Labor Day, we are on a non-stop fitness convention circus train. We travel from city to city to share our love of fitness, nutrition, and wellness to whoever will listen. And although the actual travel days are not our favorite, we wouldn’t trade this summer schedule for anything. I thought though it would be fun for this blog to list a few ups and downs of living on the road traveling from conference to conference – the ups and the “wish I was home”.

A Few Ups (as there are way too many to list in this blog)
1. The Reunion with Family: Our fitness family lives on the road. Bruce and I love our fitness family and only get to see them on the road as we all live in different cities. Each weekend we get to reunite. We laugh. We gossip. We bond. Then we say goodbye only to see each other the following weekend. I think this is my favorite part of being on the road..except…

2. The Reunion with Attendees: This is two-fold as I love seeing attendees that I have seen every year for the past 35 years and I also love to make new friendships and connections with first timers in my sessions. I love when I can affect the lives of people who hear my message and that I create a disruption that triggers thought. And this leads to…

3. I Love Being a Disruptor: I hope I am shifting the discussion on fitness and wellness. I hope I am representing a change agent for those who I come in contact with. I know that I don’t play it safe and I know that I don’t take the easy road. True influencers never do. I know that when I present at a conference I am helping to change lives and that is worth every day spent in hotel rooms on the road

A Few “I Wish I Was Home”
1. Eating!! When Bruce and I land in a city we always head to the nearest Whole Foods store to stock up on our staples. I never thought that I would be that person who brought my own food but as a Whole Food Plant Based No Oil eater this is what I have to do to eat well. Eating out has been extremely problematic for Bruce and I and we try as hard as we can to avoid restaurants at all costs. When we do find ourselves in a restaurant, we make it very clear to the server that we are plant based eaters who don’t eat oil. Just saying that you are vegan creates an oil laden mess (as most vegan dishes are packed with oil) that our bodies would feel for days after consumption. So bottom line, I miss my kitchen when we are traveling – a lot!

2. Sleeping!!!! I love my bedroom. I love my bed, I love that I have control of the landscape of the lighting in my bedroom. When Bruce and I arrive at each hotel we immediately turn off all lights and close the blinds and look for any lights that are in the room. There are always about 10 blinking this or that light that we then need to figure out how to cover up. Bras and underwear both work well as cover ups and well as tape and towels. We use anything and everything to make our room dark dark dark. And even then, sleeping is hard.

3. Did I mention eating? So here is another eating issue. Bruce and I are pros at whipping up healthy portions to stay well. Tumeric and Ginger shots, Barley, maca, and blueberry shakes, broccoli sprouts with avocado sliders. These all require mixers, blenders, toasters… kitchen essentials that we don’t have. So we bring as much as we can but there is always something we don’t have that we need from home. In all likelihood, it’s usually a toaster!

So because of all the Ups and despite all the “I Wish I Was Home”, we are once again on a plane headed to yet another city to do what we know is greater than the two of us. Our life is so blessed because we can share what we know and learn what we don’t. Thanks to you for allowing us to live a life of passion. We will be home but until then off to another city we go – hopefully, to see you along the way.

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