Tipping Point

By March 28, 2017Mindy

I was all ready to create my blog about our grand adventure happening from April 3-17. It was about how Bruce and I are venturing to Spain and Italy to gather inspiration and introspection, plus to shoot a lot of video content to share with you. We plan on filming videos for eating on the road and how to fit a workout in anywhere and anytime, so make sure follow us on facebook and Instagram to get the latest tips. I am so excited because Bruce and I have never taken a trip like this in 35 years of marriage.

Every week, before I sit down to write my blog, I always go for a run to oxygenate my blood and generate more blood flow to my brain so that I can tap into my creative writing juices. This week, on my way back home, Bruce greeted me with the biggest grin on his face I had ever seen. He proceeded to tell me about a story he had just uncovered on the news that validated everything that we teach and preach in One Day to Wellness.

So I am not going to tease you with what is coming next week (well…more than I already have). Just know that it will be coming from another land.

Instead, I want to share this article Bruce showed me. Sharing this new with you is more important than sharing my life activities. Please read this article. Bruce and I are going to try to fit a trip to Queens, NY on our way to Europe to meet this dairy farmer. I cannot wait to shake his hand.

Enjoy reading the article by clicking here

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