Bruce and I sold our home in March 2021. We had lived in California for close to 40 years, raised three amazing sons there, and had a wonderful life. For the past three years, we have traveled through North America in a 32-foot RV stopping every weekend at this or that conference or training to earn our keep while renting our house out in Santa Cruz, CA.

Covid struck, and all went by the wayside. No travel. No conventions. No brick and mortar home to go back to as we had renters living in our house, and we weren’t about to kick them out just because we were stuck in an RV going nowhere for a very long time. That year in the RV was an eye-opener for us. The more the year droned on, the more questions we asked each other. Do we really need a house? Do we really need all of the stuff we have accumulated for 40 years? Are we happy just living in a 32=foot tin can? The answer ultimately was yes.

So here we are – homeless in some eyes. Free in ours. We don’t know when or if we will ever buy a home again. Or where or what. If it is right, our home will find us. We need to be open to the adventure and the unfolding of this chapter of our journey. Our story is ever-changing and growing without the limitations that staying in one spot might restrict. Yes, the future is unknown, but it is strange for all of us, and we choose to embrace the uncertainty with open arms and a welcoming will.

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