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When it comes to making evidence-based choices of what foods we should be eating for optimal health, we, unfortunately, cannot count on our government or its assigned departments for assistance. The USDA continues to have the impossible split of responsibilities of promoting the animal food industry and at the same time providing public health and nutrition guidance. This fox in the hen house mandate makes it impossible for me to trust any nutritional information published by the department.

And then I recently read this stunning article in Politico entitled “The FDA’s Food Failure” which outlines in great detail the fact that the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) pays little or no attention to food safety and spends the vast majority of its resources on expensive drugs and other medical products. According to this month-long POLITICO investigation, they “found that regulating food is simply not a high priority at the agency, where drugs and other medical products dominate, both in budget and bandwidth – a dynamic that’s only been exacerbated during the pandemic. Over the years, the food side of the FDA has been so ignored and grown so dysfunctional that even former FDA commissioners readily acknowledged problems in interviews.

Our government is simply not set up to improve public health through nutrition.

Not to worry! The Food Revolution Network will launch its 10th annual Food Revolution Summit starting Saturday, April 23, and continuing through Sunday, May 1. Ocean and John Robbins will again be hosting leading experts in the plant-based sphere to share their boundless knowledge during this free online event. I am especially looking forward to hearing Dr. Will Bulsiewicz, MD’s lecture, Fiber, Microbes, & Your Health where he will share his expertise on the amazing scientific discoveries of the importance of microbial gut health.

Take the time to register here and attend this online event that shares the truth about evidence-based nutrition without any food industry influence. I personally can’t wait!

Stay healthy!
Bruce and Mindy Mylrea

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