From Paleo to Plant-Based

One Day to Wellness rocked my world. The day full of information from Bruce and Mindy Mylrea took me from Paleo to plant-powered in 24 hours. That is how jaw-dropping and and impactful the One Day to Wellness experience is.

I THOUGHT I knew what it meant to be well and healthy. One Day to Wellness proved me wrong, but it also showed me how to “do” Wellness the right way.

A year and a half later, I have never looked back and am passionate about spreading the One Day to Wellness message to others. I am now a completely plant-based consumer – having switched not just my food habits but also the makeup and beauty products I put on my skin.

In Florida, I now offer half-day nutrition workshops that include grocery tours and kitchen “rescues” to share what I learned through One Day to Wellness. People who take those workshops always walk away with something, even if they don’t fully dive into the plant-based lifestyle. Whether it’s eliminating dairy or just reducing animal protein consumption, One Day to Wellness’ message resonates because it contains so much powerful truth about the way most of America lives – and the way we should be living for better health.

I absolutely credit One Day to Wellness, and the passion of Bruce and Mindy, with saving my health and likely adding years to my life. I survived a colon cancer scare a decade ago, and in hindsight that cancer came as a result of years of poor nutrition choices. Now, as a plant-based eater and advocate, I feel healthier and more energetic than ever – and am so grateful every day that I took that One Day to Wellness workshop with Bruce and Mindy.

From One Day to Wellness Coach Shannon Colavecchio from BA Fitness in Tallahassee, Florida

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