Why Paulo & I Dipped Our Toes into Plant Based Eating

Oh my gosh! September 9th was such a transformative day for me. I partook in Mindy & Bruce Mylrea’s One Day to Wellness workshop because I have been trying to “Raise my Healthfulness Game” in 2017. This year I started with the goal of practicing meditation and mindfulness daily while increasing my knowledge of nutrition and healthy eating. When I read about the workshop, I thought it might be just what I needed. I had no idea it was going to be as educational and motivational as it turned out to be. It raised my awareness game and seriously began our personal experiment into vegetarianism and vegan eating.

Bruce & Mindy spoke about their experience in what they called their “transition” to plant-based eating, but they also presented significant amounts of the current research on plant-based eating. More and more research is linking animal protein consumption to cancer, heart disease, and diabetes. There is a significant amount of research that supports a relationship between high protein diets and kidney disease. (Even Arnold Schwarzenegger is turning VEGAN!) And it is difficult to ignore the impact of animal food production on the environment, not to mention concerns regarding the ethical treatment of animals.

So, Paulo & I decided it was time to listen to science and see how our bodies responded to a change in eating style. Right now we are 3 weeks into our MOSTLY VEGANISM. Admittedly, learning to eat this way is taking some practice. There is a lot of volume of food required and we are rethinking our meals and meal planning. But, we feel good. Maybe a few pounds lost and body fat is down. We are committing to our plant-based eating style for the next month and checking the results of our experiment at our next checkups! For the next chapter, stay tuned!

Stephanie Mendes
Originally posted on Arlington Personal Fitness

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