A Successful Three Months

I’ve always been one to put the needs and opportunities of others before mine…an important aspect of my job but also a personal quality I’m proud to possess. Little did I know how big an impact booking the One Day to Wellness event would have on my own life!

As the Fitness Coordinator for a hospital-based facility, I’m always looking for innovative and established continuing education programs to offer my staff and surrounding fitness professionals. There was no hesitation in hosting One Day to Wellness! Bruce and Mindy are veterans in the industry with a multitude of proven programs in their repertoire. I knew the participants would be in good hands.

As a Personal Trainer, I rely on detailed and evidence-based continuing education to assure I’m giving my clients the most current industry information. The One Day to Wellness program exceeded my expectations! Within the first 30 minutes, I was enthralled…eager to learn more. The information was clear, intriguing, intentional, unbiased & relevant…all backed by research articles and medical experts. A must for any Fitness Professional!

We hosted the One Day to Wellness Event on January 14, 2018…a day that changed the course of my life forever! I wasn’t expecting to be so affected by the stories and the material presented. The message was clear – the actions and choices we make on a daily basis will determine the outcome. To gain a truly healthy and well-balanced life I needed to make a change in my actions and choices…especially with regard to nutrition!

I dove in head first and started replacing the un-healthy foods with more greens, whole grains, legumes, and nuts. I began reading food labels and being more mindful about the food I buy for my family. I’m cooking and baking more…which although required better prep and planning on my part, is preferred by my husband and kids. No one is starving in my family and we get all the macro and micronutrients our bodies need from the whole foods we are eating!

So it’s been almost 3 months and how have things been going you ask??

  • My grocery trips are shorter now that I know what to avoid and what to look for
  • I still shop the sales, haven’t changed the store(s) I shop at and don’t spend any more than I usually do
  • I have more energy, clearer skin and stronger nails
  • I’m not starving myself and don’t crave the crap I used to – the key is to REPLACE FOODS, NOT RESTRICT
  • I’ve lost 20 pounds…and didn’t change my weekly exercise routine
  • My total cholesterol is down by more than 70 points

I can’t wait to experience more positive and healthy changes due to my lifestyle adjustment…things that you can experience too! Don’t wait – make the commitment to better health and wellness today and book YOUR One Day to Wellness event now!


By Carol Teteak, MS – Fitness Coordinator
Edward-Elmhurst Health & Fitness
Woodridge, IL

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