Give This Gift to Yourself

One Day to Wellness (ODTW) is a day that everyone should gift themselves.  There is so much noise in today’s world about food, nutrition, and the way we interact with it.  With One Day to Wellness, I was able to evaluate my current relationship with personal balance and nutrition to see where I could make better choices for me and especially for my young family.

As a fitness professional, ODTW put tools in my toolbox that solidified my belief structure surrounding long-term health and achieving fitness goals with activity and nutrition.  When a group like this is not lobbying on behalf of any major corporations, what you get is a true path to a better quality of life, based on science, facts, and common sense.

I always lived under a tenet that it is much cheaper to be healthy than it is to be unhealthy.  As people, we inherently look on the surface of things for comparison.  We compare the cost of a cheap processed food to a whole and clean organic natural vegetable, but we leave out the facts that the latter saves us on doctor bills, lost wages, medicine, and overall loss of productivity as a happy human.

I am glad I took a day to solidify my conviction for health in a world that often tries to pull me in another direction.  I am thrilled I took One Day to Wellness!

Thomas Ascough of PLYOGA


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