Wellness is a Family Affair

One Day to Wellness was a day packed with information!  I learned so much about the value of our food choices on our current and future health.  I have been working on transitioning to a plant-based diet over the past 2 years from facts, inspiration and encouragement by working with Bruce and Mindy.

I was lucky enough to host One Day to Wellness in my community. I brought my husband, daughter and my Mom to ODTW with me so that they can hear the facts first hand.  Since our experience together, I am thrilled to see the changes that my family has made towards better health.  To have my husband on the same page as I am about our own wellness, and the health of our daughters is a game changer!!  My dad is intrigued now and he plans to attend the next One Day to Wellness event in Tomball, Texas.

My husband and I grocery shop and cook together now.   I love that he is so active in the kitchen Seriously…he made grilled portobellos, roasted Brussel sprouts, baked potatoes with black beans, cashewgurt, and green onions with no added sugar and no oil.  Our kids love it too.  I can’t wait to see what we learn at Coaching & Cooking next month.

During their workshops, Bruce and Mindy challenge us to not just take their word for it but to do the research ourselves.  My research has been eye-opening; Diving into the science and research plant-based based nutrition has changed my life, as well as the health trajectory of my family.

Bruce and Mindy – Thank you for inspiring and empowering me to help change my own personal health and influence those that I love!

From Katie Benson

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