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Based on the science and research of HIIT training – High Intensity Training – and specific cueing and coaching methods, you will cycle through a workout that is wickedly affective, crazy efficient, and heart pounding. Cycle HIITs makes no excuses. This challenging ride will take you into the anaerobic zone over and over again leaving you breathless, spent, and satisfied. You will experience not only the 20-10 timing of Tabata, but you will also venture into 30-20-10 timing, 12-8 timing, and 30-30 timing. Cycle HIITs also includes 3 Bonus options with additions timing variations for days when you are short on time or additional to any other workout you might be doing.

Cycle HIITs brings even the most advanced cyclist to their knees, but is easily adaptable for any fitness level. This workout is the perfect challenge for ALL.

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