There is so much incredible research being done right now on human longevity you can’t ignore it! And there is a massive body of writing on diet, longevity, and health. Here are what I consider five must-read books as we head into spring:

  1. We all have Covid-19 on our minds. Dr. Michael Greger of has published an in-depth expert account of how we ended up where we are and what to do about it in his new book is entitled: “How To Survive In Pandemic.
  2. Dr. David Andrew Sinclair is an Australian biologist and professor of genetics and co-director of the Paul F. Glenn Center for the Biology of Aging at Harvard Medical School. He has written a fascinating account of the research underway on reclassifying aging as a disease and the molecules being studied to extend human life well into our 100’s. His book, “Lifespan” takes a very complex biology world and makes it easy to understand with excellent illustrations. All I can say is the book is mindblowing. Read it, and you will not think the same way.
  3. I keep coming back to Dr. John McDougall, MD’s book, “The Starch Solution.” This book and Dr. McDougall’s guidance provide essential guidance of a plant-based diet centered around starchy foods. I took his advice and ramped starch up in my diet, and now I stay satiated on a whole food plant-based diet all day long. It’s worth the read!
  4. Tom Wolfe has been one of my favorite writers ever. His mastery of the English Language is unparalleled, and he is hilarious. His final book before his death: “The Kingdom Of Speech,” takes a humorous deep dive into what transpired back in Darwin’s day. It is not what you think, and you may end up questioning what is now considered basic scientific fact: Evolution.
  5. Anxiety has ramped up around the world, and it may be having an impact on your sex life or lack thereof. Mindy Mylrea’s new book, “A Plant Powered Penis”, takes a light-hearted but fact-based look at erectile dysfunction and how a few simple dietary changes can bring back good healthy sexual function. It’s hilarious, thought-provoking, and informative, with a bonus of excellent groin blood flow recipes that are delicious!

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