Wellness Wagon Update for March

Hello from the Wellness Wagon! We are finally getting around to writing about our adventures. We have been on the road for one month now living in the RV. Overall, I am giving the experience thus far an A-. Why not an A+?:

1. Torrential downpours in March everywhere we have traveled, which is basically all of the southern states with the exception of Florida. Our RV is 10 years old and it has a few leaks, which we have located and band-aided until we get back to CA later this month. There are not bad, but they are there.

2. Tires! I never had tires on my radar of potential problems, but we have had a flat and few situations where the air empties out of the tire because of a stuck valve when checking the pressure.

What I CAN say, with confidence, is there is an obesity problem all across the nation. As you can imagine, the Wellness Wagon stands out, which has been a great conversation generator everywhere we have been.

Mindy and I toured the Jackson, MS Agricultural Museum, which was pretty cool. When I came out of the bathroom, there were two little boys about 5 and 6 with their mama in the hallway. The kids stopped in their tracks, stared at me like I just beamed down from outer space and gasped to their Mama: “Mama!, Mama! Look how SLIM that man is! Do you see him?” Mama was embarrassed and scolded the kids like they were making fun of a special needs person. It was SO funny, but also a little sad.

From there we had lunch at a restaurant. We never eat out because there seems to be a lack of health-promoting food at most places. We decided to visit a famous drive-in diner that was used in the filming of “The Help”. I dove in and ordered fried green tomatoes because of all my memories of southern cooking from my youth. I took one bite and then proceeded to peel off all the fried batter from the tomatoes and just ate the…food.

California, Arizona, Texas, (flew to Boston to present ODTW at Harvard – that’s right, I’ve taught at Harvard!), then to Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, and how heading back to California for a conference in San Francisco, then back across the country again.

It’s been a great experience thus far and we are only one month in.

If you hit the road in your new RV, state parks are THE way to go. When the Army Corp of Engineers pillaged their way through the South, they must have had a mandate to erect a beautiful RV park on each of their newly created lakes back in the day. Seriously, we have stayed almost every night in a beautiful setting and it costs about $20 bucks a night.

And just as exciting as our adventures is the fact that we have launched three new life-changing tools while on the road. If you haven’t, please check out the Fluid Strength Online Workshop, Embracelets, and Seeds of Change. 



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