What is Big Food?

By April 8, 2019Bruce

Did you know that the Lancet released a staggering report recently? Have you heard about the “The Global Syndemic of Obesity, Undernutrition, and Climate Change?

This report summarizes the findings of a global consortium of more than 40 experts that have identified three interconnected health pandemics collectively known as “The Global Syndemic.” The report states that obesity, undernutrition, and global warming are working together to create the most critical threat to humans and the planet.

These top scientists’ research has clearly demonstrated the strongly linked connection of obesity, undernutrition, and climate change as the “paramount challenge” for our species and the environment. According to these experts, the primary driver of this global syndemic is commercial food influence, otherwise know as “Big Food.” The report states these three separate health pandemics are driven by the “effectively orchestrated manipulation of the food system for it’s vested commercial interests.”

In conclusion, the Lancet report states that NO country has been successful to date in attempts to tackle obesity. Period. None. Further, in order to begin to make actual change to the problem, the researches state “Governments must separate “BIG FOOD” commercial interest from public health policy.

This is the message we have been delivering in our One Day To Wellness certification for three years.  That is why we decided to organize as a non-profit and why we do not accept donations or support from any food or supplement company. All of our educational partners are non-profits that do not accept money from the food and drug industries. Mindy and I strive to provide you the access to the latest in unbiased scientific research into nutrition and food.

Have you joined us for a One Day to Wellness course? Comment below to tell us the most interesting fact you learned during your day with us.

There has never been a better time to consider transitioning to eating what is now known as the optimum diet for humans: A whole-food, plant-based diet. Please take a few minutes to read the Lancet study summary and let the food industry know what you think by spending your money on health promoting foods, skipping on the junk food. Remember, we are here for you as well with workshops, online resources, interviews, recipes, and movement libraries. Take a few minutes to cruise our site here; we promise you will find new information and resources to use as you transition to a healthier life.

Let’s work together to remove “Big Food” from the health nutrition discussion in our country.

The best of health to you and your family!

Bruce Mylrea






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