Life in the Slow Lane

By January 10, 2021Mindy

To say this past year has been interesting is an understatement. Early March 2020, Bruce and I were booked at a conference or with our One Day to Wellness workshop practically every weekend for the year. We had our RV travel map set, and we were to zig and zag across North America like we had been doing the two years previously. Nothing prepared us for what was about to transpire. 

It was the eve of March 16th and we were traveling through northern California on our way to our next speaking gig while visiting my brother Tim in Aptos, CA (about 5 miles from our house that we had been renting out  so we could run our nonprofit One Day to Wellness). That is where and when we heard those fateful words: “Shelter in Place”. Okay, no problem – it’s just a small hiccup in our schedule. A slight “pivot” as is now the overly used phrase of the year (I cringe even writing it). 

My brother had a sweet parking spot that would just barely fit our 32- foot Wellness wagon right in front of his house. We immediately contacted a plumber and electrician to install 50 AMPs and sewer because – well – this shelter in place could last a month or two. I don’t need to tell you how a month turned into 10 or how all the work we had lined up terminated like dominos in the months since March 16th.  

I can sum up the various emotional stages of 2020 with the following: I started relieved, then I freaked out, then I settled. Here’s my journey.

At the time of the shutdown, I was deep in the throughs of writing my first book – The Plant Powered Penis. I had secured an editor and I was spending hours each day in the thick of being an author. The shutdown allowed me the time to finish my book. Once my book was done, I did a celebratory lap or two but then twiddled my thumbs with what was to come next. Luckily, Bruce was in the middle of writing his book – A Plant Powered Approach to Prostate Cancer – and since I was now a published author the least I could do was to share my vast expertise with him. So, there I was deep in securing two authors in the family. Victory lap number 2.

This feeling of accomplishment lasted all of 2 days before I freaked out. How am I staying relevant in this new normal? Bruce’s and my plan was to finish our books and then go on an amazing book tour where we would sell 1000’s of books and speak at any conference that would have us. I had ordered 1000’s of our books thinking that posting my book on social media would immediately create 1000’s of sales. Not so fast… and oh so wrong. My reality was not that of true reality.

Many of my fitness pro friends had launched profound presences online and were thriving. Yet, I didn’t know how to Zoom, Facetime, or the other techy platforms. Bruce and I love presenting face-to-face with other humans. The online presenting thing was totally not in my wheelhouse and I made every excuse not to venture into that arena. Lucky for me I have a great friend – thanks TMM – who held my hand and got me up to speed on the ins and outs of Zoom so I could become a Zoom pro. 

But let’s get back to the needing to stay relevant.

Something happened in these past 10 months that have shifted my mindset: I have settled. I used to be so driven, always thriving for the next opportunity, the next door to open, the next project to dive into. I can honestly say that is currently NOT my top priority.

I am not saying I am retiring and hanging up my career. Hardly. I am just saying that I am sitting back and taking care of me – and Bruce – and now, our new dog Mylo. I love my career, my passion, and my purpose. My passion has shifted to just being comfortable in the slower lane and that’s okay. For the first time, I don’t feel like I need to stay relevant. That time will come again but for now, Mylo, Bruce, and I are going to take a walk and enjoy the day.  You should too.

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