Introduction to Our Interview with Dr. Geger

Mindy and I had the honor to be granted an exclusive interview with Dr. Michael Greger this past week in Washington DC (Thank you Dr. Greger!). Dr. Greger is the author of the New York Times Bestseller “How Not To Die” as well as the creator of nutrition, a non-profit web site were he summarizes and shares the latest research in nutritional science. We will be releasing the video taped interview series with Dr. Greger very soon on, so stay tuned! If you would like to see the first short preview, please click here

Although we covered many nutrition related topics in our interview, a few things really stuck out to me:

1. We, as consumers, no longer have to rely on doctor’s monopoly of health related information. With the advent of the internet, all of us now have access to the latest in scientific research as it relates to diet, nutrition, and health (try starting with Dr. Greger refers to this development as the “democratization of knowledge” in the health care industry. Today, industry (read pharmaceutical, dairy, food manufacturing) no longer has control of the information going to the consumer. We, as consumers, now have the ability to access the truth on the science of nutrition.

2. In light of #1 above, here are some facts you may not be aware of:
– the primary cause of cancer in the US is diet and lifestyle
– rates of common cancers differ by a factor of 100 in different countries around the world
– genetic makeup actually plays a very minor role in the development of cancer
– most common cancers take decades to develop into detectable tumors

There is no room for opinion here. The science is the science, period. And the science says that prostate cancer (one of the most common cancers in men) is a cancer of consumption. Knowing this, we can take action NOW for our CHILDREN. If you are a PARENT, you have some control over whether or not your children will develop cancer. What could be more important? Every parent wants to give their children the best foundation for a long and healthy life.

Based on the science, and according to Dr. Greger, “milk consumption is a risk factor for prostate cancer”. Furthermore, Dr. Greger states, “consuming milk during adolescence may be particularly risky in terms of setting ourselves up for cancer later in life”.

Where was Dr. Greger when I was in adolescence in the late 60’s drinking tons of chocolate milk, eating lots of cheese, slurping down endless gallons of ice cream, and drinking chocolate malts almost every day? Where was Dr. Greger when Mindy and I were raising our three boys and feeding them tons of chocolate milk, eating lots of cheese, slurping down endless gallons of ice cream, and drinking chocolate malts almost every day? We just did not know back then, but we know now.

So in summary, if you have children, you also have the ability to access the truth about cancer development. If nothing else, start changing your diet for your children. Set an example for them and educate them about the true, scientifically documented dangers of consuming animal products including milk. Please take action now to help your immediate family avoid what I am dealing with now. I developed prostate cancer because I watered those bad prostate cancer genes with tons of dairy, meat, and processed foods every single day for the first fifty years of my life. Please don’t let your kids make the same mistakes I did. You can make a huge difference in your children’s life – TAKE ACTION!

If you would like to see the first short preview of the interview, please click here

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