Water Only Fasting at the TrueNorth Health Center

By September 17, 2018Mindy

In many of our lectures, Bruce and I will reference a book “The Pleasure Trap” by Dr. Douglas Lyle and Dr. Alan Goldhamer. This book identifies why we crave the foods we do and how to help return our taste buds to where our taste sensors belong before we were introduced to all the fantasy food-like-products that now surround us. These remarkable men not only promote
eating a diet that nature has provided for us but they also run one of the only medically-supervised, water fasting clinics in the country. And that brings me to where we are.

Bruce and I have been living at the True North Health Center in Santa Rosa, CA for the past 11 days. To find out why, make sure you read Bruce’s last blog here.

I have now completed 5 days of water-only fasting followed by three days of juicing; Bruce finished 8 days of fasting followed by 1 day of juicing. Now, we are in the refeed process of one day raw, one day raw and steamed, then the whole-food, plant-based. no salt or sugar or oil lifestyle that we are used to living. To see our video blog from the first few days, please click here.

Water only fasting is not easy and should not be attempted for more than a few days without medical supervision. Bruce was shooting for 11 days but with his low BMI, he didn’t have any reserves when he started. After 8 days, his body said: “Dude, you have done the work and now it is time to refeed.”

For me, it was tough from the start. I wasn’t hungry at all but with my low body fat, I too went into ketosis very quickly. It presented itself in the form of a backache and weakness. There are many people who have no trouble whatsoever and their energy actually increases during the fast. They are eliminating the toxic reserves that have been harboring in their bodies and it is amazing to see the profound results. For Bruce and I, we have already scheduled for next year knowing that this very hard work is worth the trouble to boost our immune systems and help fight Bruce’s cancer.

To understand more about the powers of water only fasting, check out the TrueNorth Health Center. There are many interesting research articles on their website! The problem with our society is that it is easier to pop a pill to cover up the symptoms than to treat the overall ailment & where it came from in the first place. If we follow nature and allow the body to heal, anything is possible

To learn more, please watch our interview with Dr. Goldhamer here.

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