O-ho the Wellness Wagon is a Comin’ Down the Street

By December 27, 2017Bruce, Wellness Wagon

In October of 2016, Mindy and I had just launched our first One Day to Wellness certification in Richmond, Virginia. We had worked on the training for over a year and knew we had something special. But honestly, we had no idea just how much of an impact One Day to Wellness would have. That training, although not perfect, was a jolt for us – the starting point to changing our entire lives’ mission. A mission that is much bigger than the two of us.  As I look back on one year later, I am now realizing how this journey has profoundly changed everything for me and Mindy.

That night, we went to Whole Foods to have dinner and saw a clothing vendor who had set up a mobile store inside what was once a food truck. We laughed and teased each other that we should do the same thing for One Day To Wellness! What if we took One Day to Wellness on the road literally? We were dancing around the store, singing our version of the popular song from ‘The Music Man’, “O-ho the Wellness Wagon is a comin’ down the street…”

In reality, I had no intention of driving around the country in an old reconditioned taco truck. We thought it was funny but that was the end of it. A few months later Dr. Micheal Greger, founder of NutritionFacts.org and one of our most trusted mentors advised us to apply for non-profit status for One Day to Wellness; this would advertise to others that we will stay completely transparent about our funding. Coming from Dr. G, we acted immediately and began the process (which takes about 8 months here in CA). As of today, we have launched our newest website to share more information about our nonprofit mission, how to donate to our Fuel Fund, and our schedule for 2018. Please take 2 minutes to read more here.

2017 was amazing for us! With 40+ certifications under our belt now, 2018 may double that number for us. Many of you have reached out to us to request a workshop in your location. With the expected amount of workshops in 2018, we realized that we needed an easier and more economical way to reach all of the geographic locations we wanted. Over the past decade, we have spent literally half of our time in transit on airplanes and living in hotels without our “things.” Unless we plan on taking over the airplane to lecture to the other passengers, we were in need of another manner to reach more people.

As we discussed our 2018 plans, Mindy started singing under her breath, “O-ho the Wellness Wagon is a comin’ down the street…”  Then, still singing, she began to draw lines from training date to training date to conference date to another training date. Her drawn map showed that we could drive to each location. Plus, we would also have all our “things” with us!

So we went to the RV lot. We landed a sweet deal on a 2008 barely-used ITASCA Winnebago, now named the Wellness Wagon. We secured a company who could wrap the entire RV with our logo complete with all our fruit and veggie pics, as you can see here.

Since we are now traveling with our home instead of returning to Santa Cruz each week, Mindy, the master planner of all master planners, has put together a full-year travel schedule around the country. And since we are traveling in our Wellness Wagon, we are adding multiple new workshops to our offerings!

  • Coaching & Cooking: This workshop is designed for coaches who have completed the One Day to Wellness program. This additional program will teach the strategic implementation of many details of the One Day to Wellness program plus how to cook delicious plant-based meals.
  • Fluid Strength: This is the newest movement creation from Mindy. Fluid Strength introduces you to miraculous movements with integrated and challenging patterns of flowing perfection. In this 4-hour training, you will earn CECs, gain access to our online educational program materials, and learn a new method of creating movement that matters.
  • One Hour to Wellness: In addition to our workshops, we will also be offering free community lectures as a part of our nonprofit mission.

Things are getting serious now; Our house in Santa Cruz has been rented and the Wellness Wagon is now our new home. We are fully committed to our mission of spreading evidence-based research on wellness to the masses. One Day To Wellness is a non-profit organization with all proceeds funding our operations to provide wellness workshops and free lectures across North America. We are officially hitting the road on Feb. 15th, 2018 with our first stop in Tomball, TX for One Day to Wellness and Coaching & Cooking.

Please help us spread the message that can save lives and turn the tide to living an optimal life. In the next few weeks, we will be outlining how you can get involved in our mission (like our Fuel Fund) and how we can support you and your community (book us here).

“O-ho the Wellness Wagon is a comin’ down the street…”

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